Andrew Wang: Using Internet Tools To Promote Sales, Advertising and Marketing

February 3, 2021

Andrew Wang: Using Internet Tools To Promote Sales, Advertising and Marketing

Andrew Wang: Using Internet Tools To Promote Sales, Advertising and Marketing

There are various free and paid tools online. Most of these tools are made available by reputable companies like Google, and they are handy for the promotion of business. Sadly, several growing companies have to learn how to utilize these online opportunities. The few who are knowledgeable are reluctant to invest in them, doubtful of such tools' potential.

Today's Rediscover Marketing post gives practical insight into how much to gain by using available marketing and business tools. Our guest, Andrew Wang, gave us a full exposition and pointed out routes businesses tend to ignore while putting together their best marketing strategies.

Who is Andrew Wang?

Andrew is one of the youngest marketing leaders you will find today in the marketing industry. Though new with FluentWorlds, Andrew has been in marketing for about five years. 

Andrew made his debut as a game developer at the young age of twenty. Yes, he is also the founder of Pandemic Studios, an organization majorly into game development, an activity he started at the early age of 10.

Andrew is undoubtedly one of our youngest and talented guests, and he was able to drive us in the direction of harnessing technology for growth. A part most organizations have not been maximizing.

Andrew, On the Need for Data Review and Periodic Testing

When asked about the approach he has always taken regarding data review, Andrew explained the need for regular checks in an organization. He mentioned that when leaders in an organization frequently go over the numbers, they can make sound decisions that ultimately help them arrive at the best marketing strategies.

Andrew shared with us some of his successful marketing strategies examples. He mentioned that companies need to employ AB testing while developing their content marketing strategies.

AB Testing:

This testing method helps you arrive at a perfect approach to an advertisement. It involves running a test on variants of a particular advertising idea. Here a variable factor, say product image, has been changed in advertisement A to get Advertisement B. Running both plans concurrently will give you an idea of what approach to take and what product image will sell better through the variation introduced.

The AB testing will help companies direct resources at only the best marketing strategies, one they are sure would work, according to the results gathered from their pilot study.

Use of Internet Tools and SEO Marketing

Andrew emphatically stressed how much companies miss when they do not take advantage of tools made available. These tools could set the difference between companies in competition. He mentioned tools like SEMRush, Google Analytics, etc., while discussing the benefits of using tools when developing marketing strategies.

Andrew shared his experience with his reluctance to invest in paid tools. He noted that the fear of many, as he had, is that they may not make back their money from investing in these tools. However, Andrew indicated that investing in the purchase and use of marketing and business analysis tools made a huge difference in his business journey.

Andrew recommended that companies make use of SEO marketing as it is one of the most effective ways to convert free customers. He mentioned that it might take some time to start seeing results as soon as you begin to employ SEO marketing. However, once the results start to kick in, there will be an increased patronage and customer conversion through your website visibility.


Andrew ended his interview on the need for marketing leaders to get to know their target audience and the best social media platform to reach them. 

Using social media platforms to reach customers and potential customers are fantastic, but you will be wasting many resources if you are targeting the wrong forum. For example, a company targeting teenagers should not focus its energy on Facebook marketing as the older generation commonly uses that platform. Instead, they might target TikTok, Snapchat, and so on.

According to Andrew, understanding your customers, being relatable, and reaching out to them via the platforms they use most will help you record more sales as an organization.

Let us know your view about this episode of Rediscover Marketing with Andrew. Are there other internet tools for brands promotion and advertisements that you know of?  

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