Mary Higbe: Understanding Your Market To Create Marketing Strategies

January 6, 2021

Mary Higbe: Understanding Your Market To Create Marketing Strategies

Mary Higbe: Understanding Your Market To Create Marketing Strategies

While many of our posts have focused on tips to increase revenue during and post-pandemic, in this Rediscover Marketing post, we highlight new perspectives to marketing growth.

We were lucky to talk with a practical and exciting marketing leader who shared great insights on creating marketing strategies without holding back. She gave us tips straight from her experiences, challenges, and success. You surely want to learn from this extraordinary leader. 

Who is Mary Higbe?

Meet Mary, the director of marketing at Goliath Games. If you’re meeting Mary for the first time, we bet you'd admire the positive energy she gives off to everyone around her. She is a great team leader who has spurred her team to excellence by instilling creativity and all-inclusiveness.

Mary didn't just start directing marketing teams. She has gathered years of experience working for Nerium International before joining Goliath Games as the marketing head.

Mary shared her experience during her early days at Goliath Games. With the skill set she acquired from previous companies, she was armed with much expertise to lead a team of young and enthusiastic members who were still in the early stage of their careers. Before she came on board, the group had no director of marketing for a while. 

Due to the team's nature, Mary had the first challenge of creating innovative workers, who wouldn't just pick a checklist to get things done, but can also get creative to design strategies that would project the team forward. She stated how much this helped the team mature, and it came in handy during the pandemic.

Developing Best Marketing Strategies 

According to Mary, here’s a list of the key strategies you can employ in your firm for successful marketing:

  • Avoid Unnecessary Competition

Rather than going into competition that you can avoid, why not leverage on them by creating meaningful partnerships?

Mary demonstrated this to us by explaining the marketing strategies employed at Goliath Games. Rather than directly targeting consumers as the only form of marketing, Goliath Games implemented other marketing strategies. 

Marketing to consumers will put the company in competition with the big guys in sales of games like Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc. Instead, they chose to leverage the retailing power of these platforms to promote their products. Smart right?

  • Build Connection With Consumers

Customers are the fuel driving every business. It will be in your company's best interest to build the best kind of connection and relationship with them. Doing this will earn you their loyalty, increase in sales, and increased revenue in the long run.

Despite employing third-party sales and marketing forms, Goliath games have found ways to connect with their customers using social media. Over 80% of the world's population can be found on this platform.

Connecting with your consumers would mean that you listen to them. Consumers talk all the time, sometimes vocally, other times through their reactions to your product or services. The ability to listen to the non-vocal messages and verbal messages from consumers can significantly determine your business's success.

  • Choose your Products

The success of your marketing goes beyond having the best marketing strategies to use. It starts with choosing the right kind of product for the right target population.

Mary shared that Goliath games have started a new form of marketing that involves selling game characters. The rationale being that if you are a great fan of a game character, you won't mind making a few purchases.

  • Listen to your team

The reason you have a group is for better perspective and more ideas. You will forfeit that if you do not listen to your team members. Mary shared this when she explained how they made a video that blew up on social media by following her team members' suggestions.

She also emphasized that you should never make your team get on a task that you will not work on or support as a marketing leader. As a leader, the best you can give to your team members will be your full support and credit for the work done.

In conclusion, Mary emphasized that firms need to listen to consumers and pay attention to what they want. She also talked about listening to others and, finally, trusting your team members as a leader.

Mary shared a lot of insights with us. Let us know if you found them helpful, and feel free to share your opinion in the comment section.

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