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Lauren Davis: Understanding Marketing In A New Economy

October 25, 2021

Lauren Davis: Understanding Marketing In A New Economy

Lauren Davis: Understanding Marketing In A New Economy

It's no longer a surprise to say that social media has changed the scope of marketing. In fact, the simple fact that people went beyond posting family photos and funny animal videos on platforms like Facebook or Twitter alone works well to show that traditional marketing, although still respectable, is very obsolete to digital platforms that can allow for businesses to expand their outreach capabilities. Even the growing podcast movement has helped in the escalation of the new stream of non-traditional marketing that has added to the growth of many businesses. One of these businesses is that of Nectar Sunglasses, a company Lauren Davis has done well in over the course of her two years stationed there.

Who Is Lauren Davis?

Lauren Davis currently works as the Director of Content at Nectar Sunglasses. Lauren's experience in Marketing & Communications has been accompanied by a history of working with e-commerce brands, non-profit organizations, and startups. Nectar Sunglasses operates as an eyewear manufacturing company. The company's motto is all about empowering the free thinker, the risk-taker, whilst equally disrupting the notion that style and quality must come with merely a big-ticket price. It's a very open-minded way of managing a brand, and Lauren Davis seems to understand this from a marketing perspective that goes beyond just the use of separating the categories of traditional marketing and the new emerging platforms that are changing the game.


Traditional VS New Marketing

It would've been relatively easy for Lauren to say that because new forms of marketing are expanding and evolving in terms of technological capabilities, that the more old-school traditional marketing approach is essentially dead. Lauren certainly confirmed that using the same marketing method like the same billboard is very limiting, but even traditional marketing has a level of alteration that even a long-standing business that sticks to this model manages to change aspects of its marketing, despite its outdated approach. 

The same can be said for the new forms of marketing. There can be no doubt that posting on Facebook served as an essential marketing tool, which Lauren said was useful through the 2016-2017 period. However, she also elaborated how even a platform like Facebook has evolved over the course of time that companies can't rely simply on the ads the platform allows them to create. If anything, she illustrated how that evolution has only created more difficulty for the ads while allowing Nectar Sunglasses to rely on other aspects which really make the saying "It takes a village" more to the heart and function of a company, rather than leaving it to die out as some tired out cliché.

Other Aspects For New Marketing To Adopt

Lauren Davis did well in clarifying how closed-minded it would be to separate traditional marketing and new marketing. A binary approach like that would certainly be more than just an inconvenient limit when looking into factors like how the way people consumed content was just as much an important detail to take into account regarding the way Nectar Sunglasses could continue to serve its customer base. Several of these methods included their collaborative work with agencies as well as their internal team, which continue to focus on how people consume media. 

Some of the common examples Lauren used to further accentuate the point of the evolutionary process media has undergone was in mentioning how Instagram has incorporated stories, ITV, and pictures. She also spoke about Nectar’s investment in SEO, Search Engine, and social marketing, which are the key components in understanding how customers consume media regularly.

Technology's Role In Marketing

When Lauren spoke about how Nectar Sunglasses was using podcasting and expanding social ad placements as part of their strategy, it spoke about the positive and negative side tech can have on the field of marketing. Lauren said the IOS 14 did pose a challenge, but in many ways, despite the failures a new challenge can bring, it can certainly force the marketing strategy of a company to become more adaptive. She also made it clear through the mention of these multiple strategies and how diversification can improve the pattern in which a company goes, while equally studying the very trends that allow for it to essentially evolve. The last thing a company should do, even if they are technologically moderate, is invest itself solely in just one platform only to lose all their data in the wake of a hack that can not only set them back but ultimately put them out of business.

Company Growth And Trends

It's no longer a mystery to state that Covid-19 impacted the manufacturing and distribution of many businesses. In the case of Nectar Sunglasses, which relies on overseas transport from China, which felt the pandemic earlier than the United States, the challenge was clearly even more difficult. When asked about how the Covid-19 pandemic affected Lauren and her work at Nectar, she didn't sugarcoat the difficulty it posed both in early December when China felt the full brunt of the lockdowns, and also within March of 2020 in the United States. A change in the manufacturing and distribution networks in which a company operates certainly can pose a challenge. However, this difficult change did give Lauren and the rest of her marketing team at Nectar a better means of studying the customer trends simply from seeing how they still wanted to go outside and that they still wanted to purchase their sunglasses and other types of Nectar eyewear. Having a knowledge of these trends allowed Lauren and her team to further study the behaviors of their customer base and their shopping habits still being prevalent even now as the world has become more used to the post-covid economy.

Tips For New Market Economy

The post covid economy has proven to be a challenging endeavor for all sorts of marketing leaders. Lauren Davis has learned this lesson well enough to state the importance of how a business should listen to its customers. This effective piece of advice involves creating brand campaigns that cater to the customer’s needs, which only makes the diversification of a product being offered more essential since every customer will differ, even if they are all essentially shopping for eyewear. 

Lauren Davis has proven to understand how important having an open-minded approach to marketing can be helpful in the long run. Simply embracing new marketing platforms as the be all end all approach to a customer base that will always be differential in scope will never succeed if a company's marketing investment doesn't focus on understanding the customers, which is something Lauren has done very well.

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