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Michelle Flores: The Power of Digital Marketing in 2021

May 28, 2021

Michelle Flores: The Power of Digital Marketing in 2021

Michelle Flores: The Power of Digital Marketing in 2021

When you’re fresh into the marketing world, you will probably experience very little traditional marketing. If you’re looking at someone who’s been in the game for 10 or 20 years, they would probably still see the need to use traditional marketing. However, the world has changed a lot in the past year, and most things have moved onto digital platforms. Virtual events are becoming more popular, and it’s the way people now interact with each other. Could you imagine a time where you couldn’t send a quick message to your friend over Instagram or Snapchat?

Michelle Flores believes that digital marketing holds a lot of power in today’s world, and it is the way forward for those in the marketing industry. We were lucky enough to talk to her and get her views on how much digital marketing can be utilized this year - even when we exit the darkness of the pandemic.

From today’s Rediscover Marketing article, you’ll be able to gain more insight into digital platforms and their importance when it comes to marketing. Michelle also gave us some extra advice on how to approach our planning efforts in the next year. 

Who is Michelle Flores?

Michelle Flores is a woman of many talents. She has a lot on her plate at the moment, currently working as an Account Executive at FIR Northwest and the Associate Director of Marketing with the American Marketing Association. Alongside this, she’s even a dental assistant. You wouldn’t believe someone can do all this at once, but she is also currently a student at Portland State University. 

In Michelle’s marketing roles, she looks at everything from outreach to social media and websites. This proves that she’s experienced in the digital marketing field. Although she’s still learning at University, working in so many areas has provided us with a lot of insight into the technological world and how it applies to marketing.  

The Growth of Digital Marketing

When talking to Michelle about what she believes marketing and growth leaders should pay attention to in the next year, she believes that online platforms should be utilized. Although it’s already pretty big, she told us that digital marketing is continuing to grow, and many efforts should be put towards that. After all, it’s unlikely that platforms such as social media will die down in the near or even distant future. 

Similarly, Michelle believes that marketers should focus more on virtual events. They are a way for a brand to gain awareness without seeing their consumers in person. Many large companies rely on an in-person connection to succeed - so virtual events are the next best thing. Even when the pandemic has subsided, people can still use virtual events to connect with people that they couldn’t before. You can now create relationships with people all over the country, even the world, from your home. Michelle claimed that more and more people are looking for interactions; therefore, virtual events can achieve this. 

Looking At The Bigger Picture

When planning for the next year, a lot is uncertain. No one knows when things are going to change and go back to normal. Therefore, Michelle advised looking at the big picture. Instead of setting multiple aims where you may not be able to meet them all, focus on your main goal. This way, you can put all your efforts into this one goal and allow your company or business to succeed.

Alongside this, Michelle stressed that we need to be positive about things. The world still currently looks bleak, but things are going to change. For growth and success to happen, you can’t be negative. 

Michelle believes using zoom meetings to connect with your team and getting to know them is essential. As well as these meetings, use other platforms where you can message each other, whether it’s individually or in a group. She even has happy hours with her team after an extensive meeting. It’s hard to connect with your team when not everyone is present, so try and do what you can. This will contribute to staying positive. 

It’s clear that Michelle has a lot on her plate, but she’s been able to gain a lot of great information from her experience. The insight that she’s given us is invaluable and something you can use to your advantage.

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