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Arielle Roth: The Growing Trend in Interactive Content

June 11, 2021

Arielle Roth: The Growing Trend in Interactive Content

Arielle Roth: The Growing Trend in Interactive Content

Have you ever been on a website or social post and become more engaged if it asks you to do something fun? This is interactive content and a great marketing campaign strategy for brands to use. This marketing strategy example is becoming more popular and has been proven to help gain new customers and keep your current ones engaged. If you’re using a boring brand marketing strategy and it doesn’t keep your audience engaged, there’s no point in really having it.

We were able to have a helpful interview with Arielle Roth, who believes interactive content is a growing trend that should be focused on. She told us how you want to focus on your brand’s authenticity and develop a good market development strategy to engage your target audience.

This week’s Rediscover Marketing article will focus on interactive content and how it can benefit your own business. This product marketing strategy can help your business’s growth, and we’ll delve into why this is. As well as this, we’ll discuss why sometimes going back to basics is a good idea when you’re stuck in a rut.

Meeting Arielle Roth

Arielle Roth is the Marketing Manager of Amigo Mobility and has been with them since July 2020. As well as this, she has owned her own marketing company for three years, so she has a lot of experience in the field. Before Amigo, a lot of her experience was tourism and travel based and mainly focused on B2C marketing.

Amigo had been one of Arielle’s freelance clients, and she says it’s a big change and more B2B marketing. The company focuses on healthcare products which are motorized personal mobility devices and markets to three different consumer brands.

Arielle is also the CCO for Emerge Entrepreneur Collective, which will be launching soon. They will be a business hub with educational content for people who want to open a business. They will help people who don’t know where to start and don’t have the resources they need. The company will be there to assist in marketing strategies for startups from the educational content provided.

Utilizing Interactive Content

When speaking to Arielle, she told us that she had noticed a trend in interactive content in the last year. She believes that if you’re looking to get more reach for your business, contests are a great way to do that. A lot of customer spending has changed in the last year, and you want to focus on building relationships with your current customers. Providing contests is a great way to get people excited and maybe more likely to spend as an end result.

Arielle stated that she thinks good marketing strategies should focus on less perfect posts and more about showing your company’s authenticity. If you’re providing interactive content, it shows you’re fun and more authentic rather than providing a typical advertisement on social media.

Similarly, she told us that you want to do everything around a good digital strategy alongside the interactive content. For people to get to the content you’ve worked hard on, you want to focus on SEO and make sure your target audience is getting to your website or social media pages.

Below are some types of interactive content you can use yourself:

  • Interactive Videos

Many marketers and businesses use videos as part of their campaigns, but many ignore interactive video content. Videos are one of the most accessible interactive content types because it is already an immersive experience for customers. They allow you to engage consumers in ways that other types of content can’t achieve. An interactive video differs in how it will enable customers to get involved, such as choosing what happens next or clicking the screen to switch between different scenarios. It can be a lot of fun and make customers want to return to do more, as well as showing it to their friends.

  • Polls and Surveys

When using market research strategies, polls and surveys can come in very handy. Not only can you find out more about your customers and what they want, but it’s also an immersive experience for them. They are the most commonly used types of interactive content, and they are straightforward and quick to set up. Once you have your poll or survey, you can easily share them on all your social media platforms to get better feedback. Some of the main bits of information you’ll gather from them are consumer feedback, audience insights, and purchasing preferences.

  • Interactive Calculators

Providing a calculator on your website can be helpful for your customers and prevents them from moving on to another page to find the answers they’re looking for. Interactive calculators are used to solving specific problems there and then, so you get the response you’re wanting. It’s been said that interactive calculators are perfect for lead generation. Sometimes a customer may be unsure about a purchase, so having a calculator present will provide insight into ROI or savings, which can help them make the right decision. You don’t have to put much time or effort into providing a calculator, but it is a great internet marketing strategy.

  • Personal Assessments

If you’re a company that provides a wide range of products, using assessments as a form of interactive content on your website may be helpful. The customer will answer a number of questions and then find out what product is best suited for them. If you are a clothing retailer, an assessment like this can be used to determine the customer’s clothes size. Many customers will appreciate having a tool like this available to them as it makes their shopping experience so much easier. It will lead to higher sales and prevent customers from looking elsewhere.

  • Interactive Emails

Email campaigns are part of target marketing strategies and allow you to communicate with current and potential customers. Emails allow you to communicate with your target audience directly, but many people are bombarded with regular and boring emails daily. Providing an interactive feature to your emails will allow them to stand out from the rest and increase the chance of generating leads. You can make them interactive by embedding videos, polls, charts, and even games. There’s no doubt you’ll see increased engagement and responses from doing this.

  • Contests

You’ve probably entered a contest at least once in your life. Even if there’s little chance of you winning, the small opportunity there makes you feel excited, and you still find yourself wanting to take part. This applies to your customers because if you provide a contest with a prize that your customers want, there’s a chance your brand will become better promoted and gain awareness. A lot of contests involve sharing the content for others to see, so you’re bound to gain leads in some way or another. You can even combine an interactive video alongside your content to make it more exciting for those who want to enter.

  • Maps

If your company’s website involves sharing data from various geographic locations, you’re not going to want to present it in a written list form. Your customers will become bored and overwhelmed by all the text and probably look elsewhere for a simplified version. Instead, you can provide a map where the user can scroll through and choose which locations they want to learn about. It allows them to quickly find out information about a state or country they live in or have a personal connection with. Alongside this, it’s much more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Games

Gaming has become a massive market in today’s world, so who says you can’t include it in your marketing campaign strategy? For example, google sometimes provides a game on their logo as you enter the website. It generates a lot of excitement, and more people talk about it. If you want to include a game as part of your strategy, you’re going to want to make it accessible and fun enough that users will want to keep on playing. Keep the sales message brief or even non-existent. As long as they’ve made their way to your page, you’re more likely to generate some sales. They’ll then tell all their friends about it, and you’ll see user engagement rise rapidly.

  • Timelines

Have you ever read the history of a company, but it’s so long-winded and involves a lot of text? You probably skipped that page straight away. However, timelines don’t have to be boring. An interactive timeline allows the user to click through and choose a time period that most interests them. It gives the viewer a way to work through it on their own accord and makes it more engaging. It’ll depend on what your business is, but using a timeline could be a valuable tool to introduce to your website.

  • Bars and Charts

Bars and charts often come with boring connotations and can involve so much data that they’re hard to read. If your marketing campaign consists of providing a lot of information to your customers, you may want to use interactive bars and charts. Data visualization is very powerful, and the best infographics show very little information and only the key points. You can make it interactive by allowing the viewer to hover over different bars or charts and see more details if needed. This allows your audience to gain as much or as little information as they want without them getting bored or overwhelmed.

Going Back To Basics

After asking Arielle about how she believes other marketing leaders should approach their sales and marketing strategy in the future, she told us that you need to go back to the basics. Instead of looking at what has worked in the past, you should look at what you were doing if you were starting up again.

Arielle claimed that what you have used in the past may not be working anymore. Sometimes you need to reevaluate your current strategy and try something new. This means starting at the beginning again. You will need to do your best to focus on your target audience and create content based on them.

Data Review

When speaking to Arielle about whether she’s worked out a process of regular review with her team, she told us that she has worked with her sales team to communicate better and get information relayed back to them more efficiently.

Alongside this, they are looking at their sales figures quarterly, which allows them to map out a plan for the next quarter. Similarly, Arielle and her team have been utilizing Google Analytics and have found this to be effective.

Ending the interview, Arielle left us with the key point of relationships. Without a good relationship with your customers, they’re never going to come back. This circles back to the idea of interactive content — where your customer will become engaged and likely return to your business again.

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