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Jeremy Thone And The Efficiency Of PF Marketing

October 22, 2021

Jeremy Thone And The Efficiency Of PF Marketing

Jeremy Thone And The Efficiency Of PF Marketing

How a business sells itself is just as important as what it sells. Advertising isn’t cheap, but focusing on the marketing cost as opposed to the value of the content being produced can be just as detrimental to the strategy any business implements. The value that content brings to its audience is very essential to the survival and growth of a business. Marketing is certainly important. But having a traditionalist mindset can be just as limiting when worrying solely about the statistics of the engagement generated by publishing content. Having a few hundred or even a thousand likes is good. But having a broader understanding of what gives the content value in the first place can have a far more long-lasting and expansive effect.

There is no question that the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic hurt many businesses, some more than others. However, Jeremy Thone proved that even amid an unpredictable crisis, there can still be an ample amount of opportunity in marketing a business. He makes it clear that this all depends on a business's willingness to be flexible as opposed to burning money trying to sell itself. Luckily Jeremy has had that in addition to the very passions that have given his marketing career in tech a lot of ground and open space to cover.

Who is Jeremy Thone?

Jeremy Thone is a content creator and podcaster. He currently serves as the Marketing Director of 3PL Systems, Inc, which provides transportation management system software in order to create greater streams of profitability for freight brokers. Jeremy’s background has been spent mostly in the tech space. This decade-long focus has given Jeremy the opportunity to be a part of multiple U.S.-based startups. In addition to that Jeremy’s passions include his fascination with Blockchain and the supply chain. Jeremy has illustrated the importance of providing valuable content whilst building an audience, and part of that approach involved a very non-traditionalist strategy, which in return saved him a lot of revenue costs most companies would have wasted in advertising.

Jeremy spoke about the importance of being open-minded when it comes to audience outreach, and having a broader frame of mind can be very helpful, especially if it reduces the cost of a marketing budget. In Jeremy's case, he was originally using google ad words, and although it must've been inconvenient for him to have his budget taken away from him during the pandemic, it certainly made it his benefit to turn to Linkedin.

Non-Traditional Marketing Tactics

In addition to being free, LinkedIn provided Jeremy with a multitude of partnerships, involving companies such as:

Hubtran: HubTran revolutionizes the performance of a company’s back office by automating repeatable and costly operational tasks.

Project 44: Project 44 is the world’s leading supply chain visibility platform that connects all modes of transport. It does this by using 800+ ELD, telematics integrations, and a unique DaaS model. This has given the industry’s leading carriers and technology platforms the chance to build modernized tracking capabilities and shipment automation programs.

Freight Waves: Freight Waves is the leading freight market analytics tool and dashboard. The company aggregates billions of data points from hundreds of sources, which provide the fastest data in the transportation and logistics sector. This platform utilizes time-series and geo-based data from all modes of freight, along with truck, rail, ocean, air, and warehouse.

By integrating his business software programs with these companies, Jeremy spoke about how he was able to use his marketing to generate greater audience outreach. One notable example he mentioned was the benefit Hubtran provided by working as back-office automation. By integrating both his software and marketing strategy, Jeremy was then able to acquire more revenue and without having to accrue any unwanted costs that no doubt would've been eaten up with the continual use of a traditional marketing method like Google Adwords.

Additional Marketing Programs

Alongside LinkedIn, Jeremy also spoke very highly of the, which served as an efficient sales automation tool. As an integrated sales engagement platform, helps sales reps and leaders increase productivity while generating more sales opportunities for businesses. It's a very efficient platform, and the kind that provided Jeremy with the chance to further reach out to more people on Linkedin through the building of a ten-touch sequence. allowed Jeremy to send out over ten emails that would go out in a sequence over a series of days. Using the B2B IP tracking software, Lead forensics was also very helpful. This platform provided Jeremy Thone with many means similar to the tracking methods google analytics provides its users. Using Lead forensics, Jeremy and his team were able to track website visitors in terms of the time they came in, how many pages they visited, and what pages they left off on.

How To Grow An Audience Efficiently

Jeremy's implementation of software and cost-effective advertising are impeccable in terms of their coverage capabilities. Now, every business has its outreach limits. Not every customer will be satisfied in visiting a site, and the reason for that will most likely be because the business doesn't have the particular product they are searching for. At the same time though, utilizing a tracking tactic that can give the business a better look at the profile of the customer will no doubt improve their capability in how to not only improve their marketing strategy but also their future product development.

By using Lead Forensics, Jeremy was able to identify a pattern of manufacturers visiting his company's website, which he then sent back to the development team, hence building better tools so that better products could be built. In addition to that, knowing the company the visitor worked for allowed Jeremy to go back to LinkedIn, find their email, and then include the same visitor into his ten touch sequence. Essentially, it was a very circular process that contributed to what has proven to be a very successful marketing strategy for Jeremy Thone.

A Tip In Marketing

If there’s one, or several things that can be taken from Jeremy Thone’s innovative marketing strategy, it isn’t just a simple cost-effective approach in using Linkedin as opposed to Google Adwords, or even his implementation of with his company’s software. If anything, the key thing to take away is the sheer willingness to be open-minded.

It’s clear that approaching a business with an added bonus of a podcast, which Jeremy stated is also cheap and the worst-case scenario resulting in only a few hundred dollar cost, is very effective in communicating and expanding the outreach capabilities of a company. The same goes for the products that make it, as well as the methods of which greater improvements can be made to building an audience. But, if people are afraid of new approaches, then burning cash as a result of an overused marketing strategy will be the least of their worries.

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