Terri Watkins: Taking Advantage Of Opportunities And Employing Smart Approaches To Marketing

January 5, 2021

Terri Watkins: Taking Advantage Of Opportunities And Employing Smart Approaches To Marketing

Terri Watkins: Taking Advantage Of Opportunities And Employing Smart Approaches To Marketing

Marketing is one of the ingredients that birth sales and revenue generation, and it is not free. However, the cost of marketing can be likened to an investment that will yield profit, this time in customer conversion and retention. 

Terrible marketing decisions will, however, make you spend more to earn less. Whenever you begin to notice trends like this in your organization, it indicates the need to re-evaluate your marketing strategies, which our guest refers to as "forensic marketing".

Meet Terri Watkins of SpinFrogs

Terri Watkins is a Forensic Marketing Specialist, a role that involves investigating marketing strategies to check for results and identify inefficient processes that can be eliminated for resources to be diverted into promoting yielding marketing plans. She is the founder and Chief Marketing Officer at SpinFrogs

Terri Watkins helps companies run a holistic diagnosis of their marketing structure to develop the best marketing strategy that is cost-effective, producing the best results.

SpinFrogs is an organization that helps their clients, majorly businesses, and business owners sort out their numerous ideas into actionable plans that can be implemented in a time-wise fashion to produce the desired effect. They help clients recognize opportunities and cash in on them in time to increase revenue generation with minimal expenditure ultimately. 

Terri's Early Years Managing SpinFrogs

While SpinFrogs is still a young company, the founder is a seasoned marketing leader with over twenty years in active service. Her experience and network in marketing came in handy when she started SpinFrogs, and she was able to acquire five clients in her first month in business.

While sharing her early years in business, Terri dropped a valuable piece of information for start-up founders. While you must want to grow your business and revenue as quickly as possible, you have to understand that the growth process takes years, and the revenue generation is not going to come from one customer. You must be willing to stay true to the process and grow accordingly.

Responding To The Pandemic's Influence on Business

SpinFrogs had a fair share of the pandemic's impact, one that reduced its client base by about 90%. The company much felt the effect because it was majorly involved with one-on-one clientele before the pandemic outbreak.

In response to the pandemic influence, Terri shared that she returned to her drawing board to restrategize on what approach to take for the next level. She came up with her best marketing strategies, which comprises:

  • Releasing a DIY course in SEO, which she launched in March.
  • Launching a Podcast, one that went live in April; and
  • Creating a group coaching program for business owners and marketers. She successfully started this in August.

The successful implementation of her strategies made a lot of difference in her revenue generation and growth altogether. 

Dangers of Digital Marketing Trend

While every business is preparing for the first quarter of the coming year, many companies are planning to hinge on digital marketing. Without ignoring the advantage of going digital, Terri pointed out specific cons that might be associated with the current trend.

She urged marketing leaders to run a fundamental analysis of their marketing trends and strategies using key performance indicators to illustrate her point. If done correctly, it will be evident that traditional marketing yielded better customer engagement, conversion, and retention than digital marketing.

Terri strongly believes that traditional marketing is a form of deliberate and conscious marketing that creates intimacy with customers, unlike digital marketing that feels like a blast spread across platforms for every user. While Digital marketing might reach more audience, it may not build the desired connection traditional marketing will achieve. 

Terri recommended that marketing directors take a good look at their content marketing strategies to develop the best marketing strategies to reach the right audience and trigger the desired response.

Preparing Strategies For The Coming Year

Aware of the pandemic's implication and the potential effect on the market economy in the coming year, Terri listed questions business and growth leaders must ask themselves while preparing for the coming year.

  • Why do you do what to do?

Terri believes that when the going gets tough, you need to realize why you started in the first place. It is that time when you have to take a thorough look at the bigger picture. It would help if you understood that you are doing business with people, which implies that whatever you give out must portray your core values, organization goals, intentions, and visions.

  • How do you communicate your Intentions?

It is not okay to only know why you are doing what you do. You must be able to communicate that with your customers. For each content marketing strategy, you should focus on being transparent and genuine about your intentions, policies, and values. Doing this will help you earn loyal customers with minimal effort.

Terri concluded the interview for this post of the Rediscover Marketing series with a fantastic offer for our readers to reach out to her through her website for a free thirty minutes consultation where she can help provide a growth guide and tips for the coming year. She is committed to assisting people in utilizing available resources and opportunities.

Kindly share your views on the interview in the comment section.

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