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Devon Webb - Shifting Your Digital Strategy for the Future

May 23, 2021

Devon Webb - Shifting Your Digital Strategy for the Future

Devon Webb - Shifting Your Digital Strategy for the Future

It’s clear to see that the world has made a massive shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing in the last year. This is why it’s crucial to have a good digital strategy, especially once we’ve come out of the dark cloud of the pandemic. It’s likely that the digital world is just going to continue to grow, and therefore you should have a look at how you can make the most of it. 

Luckily, we were able to talk to Devon Webb, who had a great deal of advice on how to increase your digital footprint in the next year. Alongside this, he provided insight into how he got his expertise in the field he works in and how you can do the same. 

In this week’s Rediscover Marketing, we’ll focus on the digital side of marketing and how powerful it can be in achieving your companies success. Alongside this, you’ll get a few tips from Devon on how to increase your marketing knowledge and head into the future with this.

Get to Know Devon Webb

Devon Webb is from the Northern Virginia Area and originally attended Virginia Community College for Lacrosse. However, he soon found himself at James Madison University, where he focused on business courses. Devon ended up majoring in marketing with a concentration in the digital marketing field.  

After joining Team Velocity in December, he’s gotten his head deep into the marketing world. He is the digital marketing analyst and works on their performance team. Devon elaborated that Team Velocity (or as he says: Team V) is an agency that helps out auto dealers throughout the US. 

Increasing Your Marketing Knowledge

Since Devon only graduated in May 2020, he’s still relatively new to marketing, but that isn’t stopping him from learning even more. He told us how there are many online certifications out there and how they can really help you in your prospective field.

Although Devon got his degree at James Madison University in Marketing, he became a Facebook Blueprint Marketing Associate from an online course he took. This made him stand out a lot to the agencies he was looking at joining. Even while working with Team Velocity, he’s still focused on getting a lot of new certifications. 

There are many resources out there for a low fee that Devon recommended. If you’re looking at gaining more skills and certifications, he suggested looking at LinkedIn Learning and Udemy. Devon believes the power of the classes is strong, and you can simply pay for the course and do it in your own time. 

The Digital Footprint

As mentioned, the digital world of marketing is growing, and Devon certainly agreed with this. He believed that any other marketing and growth leaders should pay particular attention to their digital footprint. 

A piece of information that Devon had heard was that the digital space has progressed by almost five years just in the year 2020. Therefore, he believes that getting your digital strategy dialed in is going to be massive for the following year. 

Since the majority of people are working remotely, a lot of their research is now done online. You’re more able to see customer buying patterns a lot more now since online shopping has increased. Spotting what customers are searching for and then purchasing can help you strategize on what your target audience wants and how to give that to them. 

As we approach the future and the potential of the pandemic ending, Devon ended the interview by stating that we need to be as proactive as possible. You need to realize the state you’re in and take that into account. If you have a small team, you’ll want to only set work for the number of human resources you have and not overwhelm your team. 

Devon provided us with a lot of information on how a digital strategy will be effective in the future. With all given to you, you should be able to expand and even learn more in other areas if you like.

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