Tatiana Nikitina: Repositioning your Brand for Growth in 2021

February 1, 2021

Tatiana Nikitina: Repositioning your Brand for Growth in 2021

Tatiana Nikitina: Repositioning your Brand for Growth in 2021 

The pandemic has caused an unusual change to life in general and marketing in particular. But marketers need to get themselves prepared for what happens next. As we advance, there will be a significant readjustment of digital marketing strategies to meet the profound changes in the wider world. 

Our Rediscover Marketing post today features Tatiana Nikitina. In this interview, she shared the best marketing strategies growth leaders should adopt this new year to enable them to have all-round success in their business.

Meet Tatiana Nikitina

Tatiana is a Digital Marketing Growth Strategist and a Digital Brand Marketer with proven expertise in designing and executing marketing campaigns for fast-paced environments. 

She enjoys working in teams, seeing numbers grow through creative design, distribution, and strategy initiatives. Her goal is to help companies scale in fast-changing markets by implementing innovative, logical, and effective marketing strategies backed by research using available resources.

She has experience working with various companies, corporations and organizations. Her last role was at a manufacturing company where she extensively developed their marketing department, and alongside the new team she trained, they increased the company's revenue by 200%.  

The Implication of the Pandemic on the Company's Growth

In discussing this, Tatiana used the various companies she has worked with as case studies. She shared that the pandemic influenced companies' growth. And a significant effect she noticed during the pandemic was an increase in clients. 

She mentioned that the B2B companies experienced an influx of customers as they did not need to struggle to get clients. 

Thankfully, Tatiana shared some best marketing strategies for smaller companies whose growth was affected during the pandemic.

Here are some of them:

  • Digital Marketing Space

Tatiana stated that smaller companies should put more focus on the digital marketing space. They should pay close attention to the digital needs of their clients and develop a robust and personalized digital presence.

  • Networking and Editorial relations

For businesses to be successful post-pandemic, growth leaders must establish mutually beneficial relationships with other business-minded individuals, editors, blog writers, and potential clients. Often, a business owner's networking efforts yield the most results in small businesses. 

She stated that supporting others’ initiatives through idea and resource sharing  will help grow both business’ and each other’s overall success. This will go a long way in retaining clients and improving the company's growth. Tatiana shared that her team regularly works with prominent magazines and remains a go-to source for new ideas and inspiration as innovative leaders within the industry. 

  • Algorithms

Marketing algorithms are taking on many of the industry's most pressing tasks at scale while guiding growth leaders and marketers in the future's major strategic decisions. With the right data available, algorithms can automate these ongoing decisions at scale to reduce wasted spend and maximize the returns from marketing activation.

Tatiana shared that small companies should utilize tools that help team members optimize algorithm traffic, particularly with YouTube, to increase their visibility to clients' base. She stated that the YouTube algorithm decides which videos will get suggested to individual users, helps find the right video for each viewer, and keeps viewers watching. 

Tools like VidIQ and TubeBuddy can help ensure that your target audience finds the information and solution you offer and excel at. She also added that YouTube can be used as a strategic growth and budgeting plan where additional revenue can be made for business owners and reinvested into marketing spend once the channel has reached 1,000 subscribers and has had over 4,000 hours of their videos watched.

  • GIF Engine Optimization

GIPHY is now the second largest search engine today. With integrations within all of our favorite apps, text messages, and websites, it gets about 200 billion as many searches as Google each day. One interesting thing is that marketers can optimize their GIFs to rank higher for keywords relevant to their brand or business. 

Such optimization increases the odds that potential clients will find their content on Google's first page. It also ensures the GIFs are shared and seen across multiple social media platforms and messaging apps.

  • Influencers and Partnerships

Another major way business owners can grow their businesses is Influencer Marketing. This strategy allows growth-focused individuals to reach new audiences, increase brand visibility, and boost marketing returns. However, while selecting influencers, it is crucial to ensure that the number of followers the influencers have is directly proportional to the number of engagements with their content. A safe follower-to-engagement rate can be anywhere above 10%. The higher the engagement rate, the more targeted and loyal the influencer's fan-base is. 

  • Data Review

Growth leaders should regularly track how customers engage with their brand using the "Customer Lifetime Value" indicator. Abbreviated as CLV, CLTV, or LTV, customer lifetime value is the amount of money a customer is predicted to spend with a brand throughout the duration of their relationship with the brand. Calculating this metric allows business owners to determine the worth of a customer to their brand and how much to invest in customer retention subsequently. 

Have you learned something from today's post? Let us know what piece of information you found most useful and relevant to your organization in the comment section.

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