Mallory Pilcher: Re-evaluating Marketing Strategies for Market Adaptation Post Pandemic

January 8, 2021

Mallory Pilcher: Re-evaluating Marketing Strategies for Market Adaptation Post Pandemic

Mallory Pilcher: Re-evaluating Marketing Strategies for Market Adaptation Post Pandemic

The pandemic has induced several changes across business sectors, with the impact more pronounced in some than others. However, these sectors all share one thing in common; the need for brands to restructure their marketing strategies to suit the pandemic's new realities.

This Rediscover Marketing blog post focuses on giving companies advantages in their respective market. As is Pinchforth's culture, we staged an interview with Mallory Pilcher, who’s currently a marketing leader. We had an insightful session with her on marketing approaches to take post-pandemic.

About Mallory Pilcher and Olympia Provisions

Mallory Pilcher is the head of brand marketing at Olympia Provisions. She assumed this role recently after heading brand and Marketing at Stumptown Coffee Roasters for over 6years cumulatively.

Olympia Provisions is a meat and restaurant company in the United States. As the pioneer in Oregon Portland, they primarily engage in charcuterie and salami production and sales. They are also involved in other cured and processed meat like sausages, ham, bacon, etc.

At Olympia provisions, Mallory faced the challenges of performing her role at a peculiar season where food marketing was drastically taking a change in form. She shared how she succeeded and gave tips on what other marketing leaders can imbibe in their brands' processes.

Mallory Speaks on the Impact of COVID-19 on Olympia Provisions

Working in a company that runs restaurants and public food places must have been very demanding. This is significant due to the impact of the pandemic outbreak and lockdown procedures in the sector. Mallory justified this when she expressed how hectic her early days were at the company.

Joining the company in September when the whole world was battling the pandemic, Mallory explained how the closedown of restaurants, bars, and other public places dramatically affected their sales and marketing approach at her company.

She pointed out that the company recorded a drastic increase in online sales, proving a change in consumers' shopping habits. She led her team in making strategies to retain and increase returning customers by harnessing their digital base.

The company was able to record success amidst the pandemic by capitalizing on the functioning and successful digital channel for sales and marketing, which helped increase revenue.

Mallory's Recommendation for Growth and Marketing Leaders for The Coming Year

Reports have shown that the changes recorded so far by the pandemic will influence the market as we have known it in the coming times, particularly in the last quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021.

Mallory recommended the following niche marketing tips and strategies for marketing leaders to employ going forth in their businesses.

  • Concentrate your energy on performing channels

During the interview, she mentioned what she described as a channel strategy that allows brands to evaluate all of their various channels to identify the best performing. She advised that businesses focus on such media to improve them for better performance in 2021 immensely.

After that, she added that companies could then slowly concentrate resources on developing other channels as much as they can accommodate.

  • Transparency

Mallory gave an in-depth exposition on how a company or brand can significantly increase their audience and customer base when they are transparent with their community. She stated that businesses should think about serving their home community, investing, and giving back.

Mallory strongly believes that every decision-making board of a business should consider transparency to the community they serve in their decisions.

  • Adaptation

There is an apparent change in consumer attitude, one that was influenced by the pandemic. Mallory emphasized that businesses must re-position themselves, focusing on the current digital shift, to develop the best marketing strategies post-pandemic.

  • Conduct Reviews to monitor workflow

Mallory stated that conducting regular reviews and checks will allow you to detect challenges early in people they develop into a significant problem.

She explained how she could continuously review team processes to understand the structure and flow within her organization.

Mallory also emphasized how much the digital shift has made the collection and processing of data more manageable for decision-making processes, considering that a bulk of their customers are currently online.  

In conclusion, Mallory advised that brands should invest hugely in their core systems and values. She stated that identifying potential success and investing quickly in it would help any brand stand out in the niche in the coming year.

There goes the interview with Mallory on improving marketing strategies. Let us know your thoughts, and feel free to share tips on how you have achieved success in your business post-pandemic in the comment section below.

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