Jessica Wein: Positioning your Business for Growth Using the Right Marketing Strategies

January 27, 2021

Jessica Wein: Positioning your Business for Growth Using the Right Marketing Strategies

Jessica Wein: Positioning your Business for Growth Using the Right Marketing Strategies

Our contemporary situation is a resultant effect of our past projections. Taking the pandemic as a case study, organizations who had set up schemes to digitize their operations had it much more comfortable than those who relied entirely on conventional mode of operations.

For today's Rediscover Marketing post, we featured a well experienced Marketing Director; Jessica Wein. She shared critical aspects which marketing and growth leaders should investigate in 2021 to develop strategies tailored to ensure their organization benefits from the new marketing waves.

Meet Jessica Wein of MaestroVision 

Jessica is the Marketing Director at MaestroVision. As a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience, she has developed and executed lead generation campaigns; customer upsells and retention campaigns; created social media, blog, web, and email content; and reported on campaign analytics.

MaestroVision is a technology company that specializes in supplying audio-visual solutions to the law enforcement, justice and education industries.

The Impact of the Pandemic on the Company's Growth

Before Jessica joined the organization, MaestroVision was more focused on sales than marketing. But currently, she spearheads the campaigns and media promotions.

  • Conferencing: Jessica shared the successes recorded by having virtual meetings and conferences over physical meetings. There was a reduced hustle for conference space and decreased cost of hotel accommodations.

According to her, here are some of the key marketing strategies that helped MaestroVision record success during the pandemic:

  • SEO researched articles

Maximizing SEO on all write-ups will increase the quantity and quality of organic traffic to a company’s website from the search engine page. Organic traffic means using natural and free ways to enhance website visibility without using Ads service (paid advertising). 

  • Blog posts

Blogging for business is essential for a company's growth. What to write, how to write it and whom to write to all matter in business. Jessica shared that while creative ideas are needed, the important thing is commitment to blogging and the consistency to succeed. This will drive growth leaders and marketing departments to publish more posts, ultimately driving more traffic to the company’s website.

  • Advertisement

Advertising in business is a type of communication that persuades and encourages people to take a particular action. Communication is vital for business because it informs clients of the different things that a company has to offer.

Jessica mentioned that MaestroVision advertised on various platforms, which increased the acquisition of leads for the business.

  • Visibility and brand recognition

Growth leaders should work on brand identity to stand out from the competition and increase visibility. Jessica revealed that she worked on the company's brand strategy, particularly setting up the vision, mission, and values of the company.

  • Transparency and Connection

Transparency and openness to the target audience and team members is a winning strategy. Companies should maximize social media in relating with their clients.  In this challenging period, business owners will earn more points with their customers if they show genuine care about their wellbeing and encourage them.

  • Data review

Rather than meet physically, Jessica uses a series of documents to track MaestroVision's cost per lead, cost per customer, acquisition cost, Google ads, cost per click, and converted demos. These detailed documents help her track progress and set goals ahead of the next year.

In conclusion, Jessica advised that growth leaders should include three options in their marketing plans: Comparative analysis, SWOT analysis and Customer Analysis.

We hope you learned a thing or two from today's post. Let us know what piece of information you found most useful and relevant to your organization in the comment section.

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