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Jenny Guy: Meeting the Needs of Your Marketing Audience Post Pandemic

March 26, 2021

Jenny Guy: Meeting the Needs of Your Marketing Audience Post Pandemic

Jenny Guy: Meeting the Needs of Your Marketing Audience Post Pandemic

Throughout the last year, many companies experienced difficulties. The majority tried to stay afloat and stir through the fierce storm with market fluctuations, economic instability, and the pandemic outbreak overall.

Going forward, one thing growth and marketing leaders need to understand is that the pandemic might have created a change in lifestyle and business operations; it never killed the cravings and wants in people and business; if anything, it increased some of these needs. Either you are into B2B or B2C marketing, you need to understand this. As a marketing leader, you must develop target marketing strategies to meet your customers in their space and minister to their needs.

Rediscover marketing has brought you another exciting and educating post with Jenny Guy on structure marketing in the first quarter of 2021 and the end of the year.

Meet Jenny Guy of Mediavine

Jenny Guy joined Mediavine as the company’s 12th employee, spearheading the marketing department. In this post, Jenny shares some of the successful niche marketing tips and strategies that she has implemented as the Director of Marketing during her time at Mediavine thus far. 

Mediavine is the largest exclusive full-service ad management firm in the U.S.serving approximately 7,500 bloggers and independent content creators around the world. This feat is a result of hard work, clear goals, and teamwork.

The Implication of the Pandemic on Marketing

In discussing this, Jenny used Mediavine as a case study. The company has always operated remotely even before the pandemic, and the significant effect it recorded during the pandemic was an increase in applicants. In response to this, Mediavine had to reassess its application requirements.

The marketing department, however, had a much different story. Jenny shared that before the pandemic, some of the company’s  marketing operations included hosting events and conferences to provide clients with best practices for optimizing their content and maximizing revenue from advertisements.. The department had plans to expand on in-person activities just before the pandemic hit.

It was a setback having to put current plans on hold and learning how to navigate new waters. Inevitably, there were collateral damages, but within just a few months Jenny and her team had impressively shifted gears, launching new marketing initiatives that included Facebook lives, YouTube videos and a push for engaging social content

Jenny was incredibly proud of her team for persevering  through the trying times, stepping up to the challenges, and developing modern approaches that helped Mediavine  stay relevant in the industry.

Meeting the Needs of Your Clients Going Forth

From Jenny’s experience as a marketing and communications professional, she teaches us that Mediavine continued developing strategies because they understood that while the pandemic may have limited many operations, it does not stop the cravings of their clients to build their businesses. If the people still need the services, why not get it to them anyhow you can?

For brands to reach their clients and serve them better this new year, Jenny recommends two critical things―Accessibility and Flexibility.

Marketing leaders and departments must meet their audiences and make their services as accessible as possible. While doing this, companies should also prepare for the most unlikely changes. Developing strategies in a way that gives room for unexpected outcomes is critical this day in age. 

Importance of Data Review

Leaders do not want to enter the new year blind, and therefore need an extensive data review of the last year to develop best marketing strategies moving forward. To do this, leaders should should ask themselves these two questions:

  • What is the Objective?

This is the ‘why’ question. Marketing leaders need to know why they do what they do. Why should you maintain or retain some approaches? Why do you need to employ different strategies?

Ask yourself every possible ‘why’ question and use the answers in designing the best approach.

  • How Will You Measure Success?

It would be best for your team to have a clear-cut goal and metric system to measure growth and development. This is how growth leaders can know if they’re having a productive year and if there’s a need to reevaluate and restrategize. Marketing leaders need a measure of goodwill in this new year.

In conclusion, Jenny notes that as an organization at large, it is important to  be sensitive to what is working and be able to replicate those tactics while improving on what is not working. Communication is vital, and quality communication should be prioritized and maintained both internally and externally.

Have you learned something from today’s post? Let us know what piece of information you found most useful and relevant to your organization in the comment section.

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