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Zain Mahmud: Maximizing the “New Normal” for a successful business

March 19, 2021

Zain Mahmud: Maximizing the “New Normal” for a successful business

Zain Mahmud: Maximizing the “New Normal” for a successful business

It is no news that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about fast-moving and unexpected variables, some of which existing crisis teams weren’t prepared to handle. As the world tries to stabilize, organizations must look into the insights the crisis provided to help them with the best marketing strategies.

Our Rediscover Marketing post today features Zain Mahmud. He shared the best marketing strategies which leaders and business owners can maximize to benefit from the “new normal” in the post-pandemic era.

Meet Zain Mahmud of Lower

Zain joined Lower  6 months ago as a Performance Marketer. Before joining Lower, he has developed several content marketing strategies that boosted businesses and increased their overall customer experience. 

As a pioneer performance marketer in Lower, Zain develops brand strategies for digital marketing, and campaigns relating to customer acquisition and relationships.

Lower is a five-star mortgage company that employs technological tools such as AI to source the best mortgages for people, connecting customers to reliable real estate agents and helping them save for their desired homes. 

How businesses can succeed in the “new normal”

While most businesses found it difficult to bounce right back after the pandemic wave, Lower recorded a high success rate. In this interview, Zain revealed successful marketing strategies examples that will help businesses survive and evolve during this post-pandemic era.  

He shared that his company maximally employed the Google ads platform which was linked to their CRN. This enabled them to target potential customers in the market for new houses, as they were able to effectively collect data on those who visited Google for mortgage purposes.  

He shared that the “new normal” is working remotely. People from all over the world have turned to the digital environment for their needs, especially on platforms like Google and YouTube. 

Zain recommended some winning marketing strategies for growth leaders, particularly in the first quarter of 2021. Here are some of them:

  • Social Media: He advised growth leaders to invest more in targeting potential customers via social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Google.
  • Data Review: Zain shared his experiences working with the accounting and financial teams in his company; Lower. He emphasized that enforcing a regular data review would help track the marketing cost as well as the ultimate profitability margin of the company. 
  • Customer Experience: One of the challenges fast-rising companies face is keeping to the standard of offering customers a 5-star experience as they start to generate leads and increase profit margins. 

Zain shared that while leads are great, growth leaders need to be careful not to dilute the customer experience. He suggested that an upscale in the company’s workforce would enable the company to handle the generation of leads, and conversions while providing the best service to existing customers.

  • Teamwork: This is the combined effect of all efforts made that brings about desirable results. Zain emphasized that a successful team is a group of many hands and one mind. He shared that growth leaders should encourage open communication among the different departments of the organization. Also, the individual teams should always share a common goal and maintain synergy towards the company's success. 

These are the words on marble from Zain. Do feel free to give us feedback on the successes and challenges of implementing Zain’s strategies in your organization, as we will be following our comment section closely.

We look forward to having you read our next Rediscover marketing post.

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