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Kayleigh Spain: Marketing Success in Uncertain Times

September 27, 2021

Kayleigh Spain: Marketing Success in Uncertain Times

Kayleigh Spain: Marketing Success in Uncertain Times

What the past year has taught us is that life can be uncertain. We have had to learn to adapt in ways we may be unfamiliar with due to the pandemic. Many people found themselves scrambling to come up with ways to keep their business afloat when so many were closing their doors. Spain Commercial, Inc found a way to do this.

Kayleigh Spain, along with her team, found a way to grow her company while also helping to support their community. Speaking with Kayleigh, we found out what she and her company did to not only survive through the pandemic but help her company to have their best year to date.

While reading today’s Rediscover Marketing article, you will be given strategies for improving your marketing in an uncertain time. Through the tips in this article, you will be able to make sustainable changes that will last beyond the pandemic.

Getting to Know Kayleigh Spain

As the director of marketing for Spain Commercial, Inc, Kayleigh Spain has taken this commercial construction company to a new level with her unique marketing practices. With her specialty in digital and social media marketing, Kayleigh has found inventive ways to bring attention to her family’s company.

Kayleigh didn’t start in marketing. She worked as a laborer within the company until she got pregnant with her son. Her pregnancy required her to change her hours. It was then that Kayleigh realized the need for marketing within the company. Picking up her camera, she started taking photos as a way to market the family business. Using social media as a marketing tool, the company grew. 

What made Kayleigh uniquely qualified to market her family’s company was her experience in the construction field. This gave her the perspective she needed to develop a marketing plan through images and social media.  Because of her success with using Facebook as a marketing tool, Facebook flew her to their headquarters to speak about using Facebook for marketing in the construction field.

Using a passion for her work along with Spain Construction’s vision, not only has Kayleigh helped her family’s company to grow but she has been able to draw attention to their clients by practicing her company’s vision, “we rise by lifting others.”

Spain Commercial, Inc is a full-service General contractor whose company purpose is to build relationships through quality, integrity, and ethical practices.” If you can dream it, they can help you design and build it.”

Spain Construction doesn’t focus just on its bottom line. It focuses on the community as a whole. During the pandemic, they found ways to support other businesses in the area by holding a contest where they bought and gave away gift cards from those businesses. This helped to improve those local businesses that may have been struggling. 

Sustainable Marketing Strategies

Due to the pandemic, businesses have been forced to come up with new marketing strategies. When speaking with  Kayleigh, she shared some of the marketing tips she has used in place of the more traditional approaches her company used before the pandemic. 

Strong Leadership

A strong leader with a vision for the company is essential to its success. You want a leader who stands behind his or her employees, especially during turbulent times. Having the confidence that you are valued at the company will motivate you to work harder for them. The stronger the leader, the more devoted the employees will be. Through a strong leader, not only do the employees benefit, but the clients do as well.

Kayleigh’s father has been an integral part of the company’s success, as a leader, he inspired and motivated the team and the community. When the pandemic hit, it was he who decided that they would take this opportunity to lift others up. Kayleigh shared that her father knew what it was like to be down because he started his business from very humble beginnings. For that reason, he wanted to do whatever he could to help others. His inspiration and leadership are a constant source of motivation for his company and the community.

Be Authentic

You are your brand. The more people know about your story, the more connected they will feel to you. Sharing your journey will allow others to get to know you on a more personal level. Connections are developed when people can relate to you on a personal level.

According to Kayleigh, “People want to know your why.” It becomes more than just another business to them. They will root for you and want to do business with you. People want to know where you came from. Kayleigh discovered this after making a video of her father’s journey. They received so much positive feedback from it. This type of community-based marketing has been growing in recent years. Consumers no longer want to feel like a number. They want to feel like they are being treated as a person.

Well Rounded Team

Whether it is one person doing the marketing, or having a team dedicated to it, it must be multi-dimensional.  Marketing is more than just good copy, video, or images. If you are going to have one person in charge of marketing, “I think you have to be a content creator, a videographer, a photographer. I think we're in a climate where people are making so many cuts back.” Kayleigh shares. The more dimensions you can add to your marketing, the more clients you will be able to reach. 

Digital Marketing

The way we market has evolved. Marketing that once was focused more on television, radio, and print has progressed into digital marketing. Traditional marketing is expensive and the uncertainty about whether you are reaching new clients is always a worry. 

Kayleigh shared some great tips she uses to help market her company.

  • Avoid Stock Photos

    She stresses the importance of using real photographs rather than stock photos. Rather than benefiting your company, they are impersonal and generic-looking in nature. 

    When using images in digital media, taking real photos of your company and the people in it will add a more personal experience for those viewing it. Allow them to connect with your company on a more personal level. Your clients will get to know the company and feel included in the journey.

  • Try Not to Outsource

    Sometimes outsourcing may be necessary, but as a general rule, Kayleigh suggests that if you do outsource make sure you find a company or person that aligns with your company's vision, and is willing to gain an understanding of the work that you do, and your target demographic.  “I think we as marketers should all be capable of doing it all, but if we have to outsource it we make sure we find someone that can grasp our passion for the work and be able to convey that through imagery and videos,” Kayleigh said.

  • Brand Collaboration

    Brand collaboration is a great way to not only promote other companies or clients you may be working with but to promote your company as well. Businesses can work together to help promote each other and foster good relationships with other businesses and the community. 

Digital marketing makes this easier than ever. With the use of social media, newsletters, or an email campaign; collaborating with other companies is one of the most inexpensive ways of promoting your company.

While we are all looking for ways to better market our businesses to meet the demands of a changing world, Kayleigh and her team have nailed it. Using the company vision as a foundation, she has been able to not only improve her company but those in the community. She has developed a community-based marketing strategy that will last long past the pandemic.

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