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Nathan Catucci: Marketing And The Essentials Of Storytelling

March 18, 2022

Nathan Catucci: Marketing And The Essentials Of Storytelling

Nathan Catucci: Marketing And The Essentials Of Storytelling

Stories have been with us for centuries, many of them illustrating the creative spirit of human beings. In fact, the treasured mythologist Joseph Campbell once said, “People forget facts, but they remember stories.” 

As important as facts are in a marketing plan and the product it represents, the value of storytelling may determine both the effectiveness and engagement a campaign produces. For Nathan Catucci, storytelling is not only his passion, but the key directive of his business. Storytelling is Nathan’s way of creatively enjoying an art form that has transcended many mediums over centuries, as a way of deeply engaging audiences on a global scale.

Nathan’s Film Career

In his interview with Pinchforth, Nathan spoke about his film production company, Obscura Pictures, which is dedicated to creativity, quality and the persistent pursuit of storytelling. Nathan embraces those virtues as valued means of communicating the message of his work. 

A prime example of this ingenuity was the release of his 2019 film Impossible Monsters. Nathan described how difficult promotion for the film was, given the timing of its release, which fell right around the beginning of the pandemic and the collective anxiety that was March of 2020. He felt the company as a whole missed out on not only lots of press, but the powerful emotions that usually accompany a brand new release.

But, thanks to the mass digitization that occurred as a result of the pandemic, Nathan was still able to share his creation. The acceleration of video streaming presented an opportunity to creatively rework their ultimate release strategy, and has given Impossible Monsters a greater global presence, by simply adjusting access to a more digitally-oriented medium (much like the rest of the world). 

Even though Impossible Monsters was pitted against the challenges of New York City’s early pandemic lockdowns, Nathan maintained an optimistic outlook, creatively rerouted his plan and continued to trust in the power of storytelling. He pushed through the obstacles to stay connected to his mission and his audience. 

This creative, multidimensional approach doesn’t only apply to the realm of cinema, but is also a vital component of a successful marketing strategy. The process and psychology behind Nathan Catucci’s line of work is very similar to the backbone of marketing. Both rely heavily on superior storytelling, done in a manner that will most effectively reach an eager audience. 

Nathan’s Views On Traditional Media Platforms

For anyone who works in entertainment, media or marketing, the shift in digital media platforms has become undeniably palpable. Go-to media giants like Facebook and Google are slowly losing steam as the world starts to look for more inspiring, less crowded ways to share their stories.

As a storyteller, Nathan doesn’t believe that those major media platforms are necessarily becoming less effective, they’re just overcrowded. He feels that the challenge in pushing your way through these teeming spaces is actually getting your voice heard over all of the noise. 

In order to make an impact, advertisers and marketers need to create something that breaks through the volume. The real task is to create content that rises above other similar content and connect with the audience first, in a way they won’t forget. 

Nathan notes here that great content doesn’t always require a huge budget. More than anything, what matters is the creativity that goes behind it. “Big and polished” doesn’t mean you’ll win the race. Sometimes, most of the time, it all comes down to story. That’s what engages people. 

Nathan’s Advice for Marketing Leaders

Nathan Catucci believes that exceptional storytelling is essential when it comes to capturing and holding the attention of an audience. This approach can work well to improve a marketing plan or help any brand enhance the value it promises and provides to consumers. 

When we asked Nathan what advice he’d give his younger self, he said he’d encourage himself, and any other creative, to just get out there and create more things. Even today, this is sound advice for any filmmaker, marketer and anyone who has a powerful story to tell. 

More than ever before, the world has access to such a great variety of platforms and tools, that creation can be constant. It’s not about waiting for the right circumstances or the right budget, but recognizing this massive opportunity to just go out and create. Even if that means going about things in a completely new way.

Nathan also advises his fellow marketers to stay connected, even when the rest of the world feels disconnected and out of reach. Be open to experimenting. Try new things. More than anything, he advises, always continue to learn. Perpetual learning is crucial to evolving, growing and making the most of your experience here on earth. 

At the end of the day, Nathan Catucci’s message is a powerful guideline for screenwriters, producers, marketers and business owners. No matter what you do, keep going. Connect with the people around you, create (loudly and unapologetically), and find a way to tell your story so that the rest of the world feels it just as powerfully as you do. Do that, and you’ll rise above the crowd. 

Learn more About Nathan Catucci and his film Impossible Monsters by visiting

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