Kyle Veater: Maintaining Brand Principles And Standards When Faced With Uncertainties Due To The Pandemic

January 19, 2021

Kyle Veater: Maintaining Brand Principles And Standards When Faced With Uncertainties Due To The Pandemic

Kyle Veater: Maintaining Brand Principles And Standards When Faced With Uncertainties Due To The Pandemic

COVID-19 created a lot of panic and uncertainties for brands, especially at the managerial and decision-making level. Many companies faced the threat of liquidation during the pandemic, which called for a high adaptation level of new strategies. 

Despite the panic, the need to always maintain fast and accurate principles, especially when you are not sure of what the future holds, cannot be overemphasized.

This post is a part of the series on growth and marketing by Pinchforth. It features an interview with Kyle Veater, a leading brand Manager in business and marketing, currently in the construction industry. He gave unpopular opinions on how brands can maintain standards and still record success during and post-pandemic.

Meet Kyle Veater of O'Connor Construction Management Inc.

Kyle Veater is a trained and seasoned marketer who holds a degree in marketing from George Mason University. Having started as an account executive, he grew in his career and went through a management traineeship to become one of the significant marketing leaders today.

He is currently the Regional Manager and was in the recent past, the Business Development and Marketing Manager for O'connor Construction Management Inc. The company conducts independent project control for both private and public entities undergoing construction projects. Having been in business for 38 years and counting, O'Connor is a company to trust as the best representation in the construction industry.

Kyle takes pride in his company's ability to produce seasoned professionals through a series of internal professional development programs aimed to train employees to improve their skills and productivity. This attribute makes O'Connor one of the best places for budding professionals willing to build their career to the apex via dedication and diligence.

Kyle's Experience at O'connor and Team's Achievements

Kyle explained that he has been working with O'Connor for over two years now. He stated how the company's welcoming structure helped him adapt such that he was able to record impressive results in no time.

They had previously adapted the remote-work model, and this helped when it became mandatory for almost all companies to switch from an in-office model to working remotely.

With his team members scattered all over the place, Kyle mentioned how incredibly proud he was of the high level of adaptability they showed, which helped improve work processes. He also stated how they were able to harness training to upgrade their expertise in becoming leaders.

Kyle's Niche Marketing Tips and Strategies to Employ When Faced with Uncertainties

Business leaders currently face challenges of maintaining growth despite the uncertainties due to the recent changes in economic systems around the world. They have to make many sacrifices, while also preserving the business's integrity.

Kyle shared crucial tips on strategizing and producing results, even during this trying period and beyond:

  • Plan on core competencies

Kyle strongly believes that planning on one's strength and how to improve it will help any company maximize efficiency. He explained that while companies are trying to adapt to the pandemic changes, they should focus more on the most productive aspects and develop them to get better results.

He advised that marketing leaders commit to what their brand does best and invest a greater portion of their resources into this for better output.

  • Regular review to build the best marketing strategies

Kyle gave us his successful marketing strategies examples and how ensuring constant reviews with his marketing team has helped increase productivity. He advised that companies follow up on their proposal pursuits, win rates, website analytics, and online presence to document progress and create means of improvement.

  • Maintain true principles

While drastic situations might call for extreme measures, Kyle recommended that brands not lose sight of their standard and principles. A company should preserve its value in all of the decisions they make, which will significantly impact their brand image afterward.

Kyle warned that companies should not sacrifice their values and principles out of panic when they face uncertainties.

Kyle gave us his views on how to go about business development strategies at this time when almost everything is unsure. Please tell us what you think about them and if there is anything you have been doing differently.

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