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Andrew Relstab: Leveraging Data to Thrive in Marketing in 2021

February 25, 2021

Andrew Relstab: Leveraging Data to Thrive in Marketing in 2021

Andrew Relstab: Leveraging Data to Thrive in Marketing in 2021

Most organizations spent the last year developing strategies to buffer the impact of the pandemic outbreak on marketing, managing collateral damages, and likely effects to ensure organizations stay afloat and break-even in the least.

The last year has gone, and now we are opening a new chapter. Organizations cannot afford to keep struggling with the pandemic and its effects. It is time to put up strategies for evident growth despite the pandemic and the new normal it confers.

Who is Andrew Relstab?

Andrew Relstab is a Managing Partner at Saavy4; a company committed to helping businesses grow through data review, analytics, and analysis. The company employs data processing strategies, front and back end machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence to develop processes and structures to improve business operations, leading to increased sales and revenue generation. He’s also the Associate Director of Marketing Science at Organic

Andrew's Early Years at Saavy4

It was not all a bed of roses at the start with Saavy4. Formed by partners who all came from large organizations, the company had to adjust to the demands of getting things done without having many hands to delegate duties as it was with their previous organizations.

The pandemic sure had its impact on operation at Saavy4. In response, Andrew explained that they had to set-up measures to sustain relationship meetings, something that felt a lot more organic and less rigid or scheduled as is common these days with everything being digitized.

Importance of Data Review

Data review is essential for every company's growth significantly in sales and marketing. Every organization must set up a model for regular data review and processing. Data collected and stored up from last year can be processed to develop content marketing strategies for the new year.

Proper data review will give an organization an edge over their competition and help them take an advantageous position in the market.

Andrew shared that his firm employs a biweekly data review approach, where every available data is pulled together, and technical analysis is executed for development.

Recommended Approach for Marketing Leaders in The New Year

For everyone who still has a functional business at the end of 2020, it’s necessary to breathe a sigh of relief considering how demanding the previous year was. The just-concluded year brought various lessons from which we should develop our best marketing strategies to record success in 2021.

Andrew gave a few recommendations on how leaders should approach growth and marketing this new year:

  • Customer's Experience

Going forth, every organization must ensure that its customers have the best customer experience. Businesses with loyal customers thrived better than those without in the past year, and loyalty is built when customers consistently have beautiful experiences with a brand or company.

  • Go Digital

We cannot overemphasize the importance of digitization in our world today. Firsthand, we have seen how harmful reluctance to embrace technology and the digital world can get for any organization. If there is anything to include while developing strategies, it has to be that brands make sure their operations and strategies allow the use of technology and digital tools.

Andrew ended the interview by emphasizing the need for organizations to diversify their marketing approaches. Brands cannot afford to be confined to only one medium. For those who have the resources, he encourages them to try as many media as possible and continuously go over the data to know what works and what doesn’t in order to attain an appreciable growth and evolution level.

Let us know what you think of this Rediscover Marketing post and which recommendations you think will work out fine for your organization.

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