Andrew Sheaffer: Leveraging Business Automation to Help Marketing Leaders Stand Out in Today’s Era

December 23, 2020

Andrew Sheaffer: Leveraging Business Automation to Help Marketing Leaders Stand Out in Today’s Era

Andrew Sheaffer: Leveraging Business Automation to Help Marketing Leaders Stand Out in Today’s Era

It is no news that there's been an unsettled debate regarding whether business automation should be welcomed with open arms or not. How else are we supposed to curtail the threat posed by the possibility of machines replacing human jobs?

However, with many marketing firms sprouting up today, there's no arguing that if you aim to stand out as a Marketing Leader, you've got to be willing to do something differently. Our guest today has provided us with some ways on how to pull this off effectively.

Who is Andrew Sheaffer?

At PinchForth, this has always been our sole priority. We recently had an insightful interview with Andrew Sheaffer, a Marketing Leader Expert and Growth Consultant at Integrated Financial Holdings, Inc. 

After recently publishing a blog post aimed at targeting the keywords' hemp business opportunities' and ranking first on Google's Search Engine Results Page (SERP) one for those keywords, Andrew is the right guy to go to for Marketing advice. 

In case you're wondering, that post was published within a month and now brings in a ton of organic traffic. On-page SEO technique is only one of many marketing skill sets that Andrew has acquired over the past seven years in the Marketing and Finance industry.

Why Business Automation is Crucial for Your Company's Success

For any top of line Growth consultant firm to get their tactics spot on in the fourth quarter of 2020 and beyond, Andrew recommends that you incorporate business automation instead of 'spray-and-pray' methods. In fact, according to this survey by WorkMarket, 54% of employees claimed that by implementing business automation, they could cut back 240 hours of work every year. 

If you aren't aware by now, Business Automation involves using software or programs to perform any repetitive, human-enabled tasks in a business' process. Simply put, with business automation, any sort of manual business processes will now be technology-driven. 

Apparently, some of the benefits of automation include streamlined processes, reduced human errors, improved transparency, better business control, and reduced employee training costs. 

With the advent of recent innovations in the digital space, we're beginning to see more brick and mortar business close down and migrate online. There's no better time than now to get on board with business automation. You may be wondering what aspects of your business can be automated. 

Significant factors to consider before checking the box for business automation include:

  • Any process that is repetitive and manual
  • Big data or high-volume processes
  • Speed-sensitive processes
  • Processes that significantly affect others 

Examples of processes that can be automated are customer data collection, payroll, employee recruitment, and email marketing.

While we admit that there are many benefits of adopting business automation, on the flip side, cognitive automation can be a two-edged sword if not correctly implemented.

Essential Strategy for Effective Content Creation

When asked about how he and his team obtains relevant data from clients to help in content creation, Andrew revealed that gaining an insight into clients' objectives is the number one strategy for getting it right with content creation. 

According to him, he's able to determine the company's objectives by having their different department heads fill out a form. Some of the aspects of this form focus on the challenges that your target audience face related to your objectives and possible solutions that can be used to address them. 

With this data, Andrew can narrow down its objectives and do detailed research to create content optimized for Google and other online platforms. 

Tips on How to Plan for 2021 As A Marketing Leader

As we wrapped up the interview with Andrew, he mentioned that staying ahead of the competition requires both time and resource investments.  He shared some tips to help Marketing Leaders prepare for the coming year: 

  • Increase your marketing budget.
  • Have more strategic planning in place to align every piece of content with a specific objective.
  • Show some level of thought leadership as people learn behind their computer screen.
  • Track your ROI and how it correlates with each lead or sales funnel. 

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