John Reilly: Target Marketing - The secret of Success For Growing Businesses

January 25, 2021

John Reilly: Target Marketing - The secret of Success For Growing Businesses

John Reilly: Target Marketing―The secret of Success For Growing Businesses 

Pinchforth presents another insightful session on the Rediscover Marketing series. This interview episode is focused on target marketing and understanding of market structures in designing marketing strategies. As is our culture, we sourced one of the best in marketing to share his experiences and tips that can help other organizations excel in marketing.

Target Marketing

The market is large, but companies need to understand that not all customers out there are for your products. Indiscriminate marketing will cost more in resources, energy, and time but might only return few results. However, suppose organizations break down the entire market to identify their customers and develop niche marketing tips and strategies. In that case, they are bound to invest less and earn more in customer conversion and retention.

Today's guest has the first-hand experience of the magic target marketing can perform, and he didn't hold back on sharing his best marketing strategies. 

Meet John Reilly

John Reilly is the current Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Regional Sales Manager at Gatewise-Apartments Smart Access. As one of the organization's founding members, John was able to share the struggles and challenges in the early years of the business with us.

Gatewise is one of the leading solutions in the multi-family market. They provide up-to-date technology solutions for tenants or members of a multi-family community to access their apartment using smart tools or apps.

Gatewise stands out among other similar solution providers in that their system does not use outdated tech. They are much simpler to operate, very reliable, and require minimal use of hardware. Gatewise is the standard and the future of apartments' smart access.

Growth Curve At Gatewise

Gatewise didn't start without its rough days. John shared his experience of going six months doing door to door marketing, recording just one sale. However, he noted that their marketing strategy was strategically targeted towards apartment communities even at the early stage.

He shared this target marketing example to show how consistently putting effort in the right direction will yield results. John explained that they targeted apartment communities because they are mostly owned by management companies who often managed several apartment companies. The implication of this is that if they could win over one apartment, there is a great potential of winning the other apartments being managed by the same company. The strategy meant greater yield with less work.

The breakthrough came for Gatewise when they started employing email marketing. The company discovered a database of email contacts of their target community and started directing marketing efforts in that direction. He stated how the company grew into making steady sales monthly and consistently increased its customer base.

John Stated how much the organization has improved service delivery and customer satisfaction. He expressed his pleasure in the company's results by ensuring that customers are well cared for, and their expectations are met.

Recommendations For Marketing Leaders

John didn't leave us without dropping some pieces of wisdom he believed have helped him and can help others. The three main points he emphasized that marketing and growth leaders should pay attention to in their approach going forth are:

  • Honesty and Transparency

John is a great believer in an ethical marketing approach. He believes an organization must be honest and transparent in its dealings. You do not have to promise what you cannot deliver. While it might earn you first patronage, dishonesty will cost you returning customers.

John stated emphatically that no one would want to transact or relate with a cunning person or someone making offers that appear too good to be true.

  • Conciseness

It would help your organization if you noted that customers do not want to spend so much time trying to get information that they could have obtained faster. According to John, you should be able to hook your customer and sell your products or services in two or three sentences. The quality of your marketing is not a function of the length of your presentation.

  • Humour

Join added a very rare tip before the end of his interview. Humour is selling huge now, and any wise organization should be able to take advantage of it. Our guest believes that in the least, as a sign of courtesy, you shouldn't take up people's time, pitching your products without ensuring they had a good time with you. Even if you don't sell your product to a customer, give them good reasons to share you with their networks.


If there are things to take home from this interview, they would be these three things:

  1. Keep your marketing short and precise, 
  2. Maintain integrity by selling honesty, and; 
  3. Make sure your customers and consumers are happy by using all means available, including humor.

Let's hear your thoughts and contributions on this episode with John. 

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