Feel the Love: What Valentine's Day Teaches Us About Branding

February 13, 2023

Feel the Love: What Valentine's Day Teaches Us About Branding

Feel the Love: What Valentine's Day Teaches Us About Branding

Valentine's Day is one of the most popular, albeit consumer-driven, holidays in the United States. At least 62% of all adults in the country celebrate or observe the date in some way, with the average person spending around $154 on their significant other for the big day. 

If the surge of lovebirds flocking to stores and online retailers for chocolates, cards and other tokens of adoration shows us anything, it’s that consumers are eager and willing to shell out their hard-earned cash for the things that matter most to them. 

So, what can the Valentine’s Day craze teach us about brand marketing?

Shot to the Heart

You already know that the key to effective marketing or advertising is speaking directly to the right audience. Ads, lead magnets, and other campaign crumbs perform their best when they’re shown to the right people, at the right place, and at the right time. 

What many brands (and even advertisers) miss as they’re setting their sights on their targets, is the angle. Appealing to what matters most to the consumer, whether it’s the love they share with their partner or their strong affinity for fuzzy socks, hitting consumers right in the feelings is always going to garner a bug reaction. 

Using emotion as a driving factor is surprisingly effective, regardless of your industry. Looking to drive more customers to your bank branch? Dig deep and fan the flames of anger that ignite when they have to pay extra fees elsewhere. Want to sell your sleep-inducing sound machine faster? Appeal to that innate drive for peace and relaxation.

Sure, positive emotions like love, happiness, and contentment are going to be your big sellers, but there’s nothing wrong with throwing a little jealousy or FOMO into the mix to get things moving. 

A Little Love Goes a Long Way

Giving your significant other a giant teddy bear or box of delightful chocolates is sure to get the warm and fuzzies going. In the same vein, showing your clients and customers some love every once in a while has the same effect. 

Keeping loyal customers is just as important, if not more crucial, as landing new ones. By offering existing customers discounts, freebies, or just keeping them informed with insightful updates or information are all great ways to show your loyal customers you appreciate them. And we all know that respect and appreciation are crucial components of a successful relationship. 

Hold Me Closer

This Valentine’s Day, take notes from the brands successfully showering consumers with chocolate and roses. Embracing the power of audience appeal, sprinkled with a little love and appreciation, will help you reel in and retain loyal, loving customers. What else could you ask for?

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