Rosi Dixon: Digital Trends and Their Influence on Marketing Strategies and Brand Success

December 28, 2020

Rosi Dixon: Digital Trends and Their Influence on Marketing Strategies and Brand Success

Rosi Dixon: Digital Trends and Their Influence on Marketing Strategies and Brand Success

Everything is now going digital, and brands need to keep up with the trend. Traditional marketing is gradually giving way to digital marketing. Brands have to learn how to accommodate digital trends to have a hybrid of both forms of marketing, at the very least, in order to maximize their market potentials fully.

Pinchforth launched a blog series featuring interviews with marketing and growth leaders from all over to share insights on how to grow brands, particularly during the pandemic and how to go on post-pandemic.

In this episode of Rediscover Marketing, we had a highly ranked professional as our guest, performing excellently in all aspects of marketing―be it traditional or digital―as well as brand management. She has built her career with a particular focus on sustainable approaches to business and brand development.

She shared practical approaches with which companies can create strategies in line with the digital movement, employing all necessary tools to expand their customer base and ultimately increase revenue generation. Let's get to the interview.

Meet Our Guest and Her Company

Considering the quality of training and education she has got, it is clear that Rosi Dixon has paid her dues in marketing. She has a degree in marketing with years of experience at various reputable companies where she trained and managed marketing teams.

Rosi Dixon joined Nawkaw Corporation in March 2019 as the Marketing director. The international company has branches all over the United States, in Canada and Australia. They lead in the industry by setting successful marketing strategies examples for others to follow.

Nawkaw Corporation is involved in concrete staining and masonry for both residential and commercial buildings. They employ staining techniques rather than painting because they are more durable and environmentally friendly. They also use stains to create architectural finishes for structures.

The company produces the materials used for all their processes, which helps them deliver quality at the most affordable price.

Nawkaw has had it comfortable with the swift change to a remote working model. They have had a fraction of their workers like the sales representatives, working from various locations even before the pandemic. It was only a case of adopting the model for other workers when the pandemic hit. Now, Nawkaw employs the hybrid model of having in-office and remote workers in a way that would fit their operations.

Rosi's Early Years at Nawkaw and The Learning Curve

Like with every job, Rosi had challenges and successes at Nawkaw Corporation. She told us the number of changes she had to make in her company's marketing structures during her early years. She introduced the best marketing strategies in defining the values and mission of the company.

Rosi pointed out that she had to re-work their website, logo, and business ethics to create the appropriate digital presence to sell the brand, its products, and services to its target online audience. She spoke mainly on the internal conflict that is typical of the sales and marketing departments and explained how much damage such an act can do to an organization. 

Rosi commended her team on how they were able to work things out with the sales department, particularly during the pandemic, to produce tremendous results in sales and marketing.

She explained the importance of teamwork. It will help if individual teams in a company realized that they are all part of a big picture with the same goal. The earlier they accept this reality, the easier it becomes for them to work together to achieve the ultimate goal.

Rosi Speaks on Niche Marketing Tips and Strategies

While talking about marketing strategies to employ, Rosi noted that the paramount consideration in deciding the form of marketing to use would be one's niche and the industry type in question.

Rosi, however, added that marketing and growth leaders have to build their teams to be adaptable to changes around them. She stated that marketing entails a lot of trial and error, and leaders must be willing to test strategies and improve on them until they finally arrive at what is best for their company.

Advice for Marketing and Growth Leaders Post-pandemic

The pandemic has influenced many changes, one of which is the wide acceptance of digital marketing. Rosi made two main recommendations on the ongoing digital trend.

  1. Firstly, she noted the need for data privacy and the preservation of internal information and technology. To ensure these concerns are taken care of, she recommended that every company check that they have enough resources to handle the digital trend's demands. Brands should expect that things will get even more digital going forth and be ready for this.
  2. Rosi also raised a concern on the possibility of an unexpected return to traditional marketing after a long while of exploring digital marketing. Digital marketing is not without its shortcomings, and there might be a time where consumers crave marketing as they have known it in traditional forms.

The take-home message from this interview is that brands should maintain a hybrid form of marketing to ensure they can cater to their marketing needs determined by consumers' demands.

In conclusion, Rosi emphasized the need for marketing professionals to stay updated and sensitive to their environment. You have to continually educate yourself and embrace all forms of learning, which is how you can continuously deliver excellence as a marketing and growth leader.

Rosi has shared her experience and wisdom with us, and now it's your turn to do the same. Kindly drop your views and opinions on the digital marketing trend in the comment section below.

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