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Bruce Ditman: Defining and Driving Success

March 21, 2022

Bruce Ditman: Defining and Driving Success

Bruce Ditman: Defining and Driving Success

When you’re up against the ropes, having a supportive coach in your corner can make all the difference between victory and defeat. Even when you’re leading the round and landing right hooks, the right moment of motivation may be just the boost you need to make it to the champion’s ring. 

Bruce Ditman knows that even the greatest champions need help unlocking their potential and going after their dreams. Whether it's a training strategy gone awry or an image that just doesn’t resonate with the audience, seeking advice from a seasoned fighter is sometimes the best way to brush off the hits and win the arena. That’s why Bruce has dedicated his career to helping business professionals unlock the next level of achievement and get the most out of their life’s work.

Bruce Ditman as the Ideal Second

Bruce Ditman is a managing partner at Chief Seconds, a consulting agency that helps high-performing professionals achieve their goals and grow. The company adopted their name as a nod to the “seconds” that have historically provided unwavering support for their champion, whether in a duel or a boxing match. 

Seconds often fly under the radar, but play an indispensable role in the success of their ringleader. In a duel, a second not only stands in for a fallen participant, but they also reload their gun or attempt peace negotiations. A boxer’s cornerman isn’t only there to wipe glistening foreheads, but to provide guidance and moral support. The job of a second is to coach, care and  guide their charge to success. 

That’s exactly what Bruce and his team strive to do at Chief Seconds. Just like a cornerman in a fight, the team is there to drive you to victory and simultaneously protect your health and welfare. Bruce and the Chief Seconds squad make champions through coaching and providing supplemental knowledge and talent. By leveraging his own life experiences, Bruce helps his clients accelerate company growth by optimizing marketing strategy and leadership potential. 

Bruce’s Take On Media

During an interview with Pinchforth, we asked Bruce whether he thought major media platforms were on a downward slope. Bruce commented that he doesn’t think they’re becoming less effective, but the number of new media options has driven numbers down. 

By virtue of mathematics, more available options means reducing the share any one platform has. More options make each slice a little smaller, so technically, any single outlet will be less effective when new options are added to the pool.

However, it’s worth noting that these plentiful options are absolutely necessary. Anyone who tells you there’s only one way of doing things is trying to sell you something, Bruce says. No matter how amazing or how effective one approach may be, it will always be better when it’s enriched by another.

At the end of the day, marketing is not black and white. It’s not about what’s better or right, because sometimes it can be both. Most of the best strategies are a combination of ideas and approaches.

Bruce on Defining Success

Through the course of his professional life, Bruce has worn many hats. He’s held jobs he was great at, but didn’t love. Eventually, he discovered his passion and calling to coaching. His fascination for people and desire to help others realize their abilities gets him out of bed bright and early each morning, and drives everything he does. And he’s beyond grateful. 

Not everyone has an easy time finding their passion and many people spend years running in the wrong races. Bruce feels that just because you’re good at something, it doesn’t mean you have to do it for a living. Instead, you should strive to pursue a career that provides value,  nourishment and passion, bringing enjoyment to each day.

In order to find your path, Bruce says the first crucial step is defining success. What does it look like for you? Slow down and figure out what makes you feel satisfied, and go confidently in that direction. 

Advice From a Professional’s Pro

We asked Bruce what pieces of advice he’d offer his fellow business professionals and marketers. After reflecting briefly on the challenges posed to various businesses over the past two years, he offered his first nugget of wisdom: Business continues. Even in the face of adversity and uncertainty, it continues. It’s going to be different, but business will continue.

Next, Bruce points out that the people and businesses that are emerging on this side of the pandemic aren’t the same as the ones who went in. Through lockdown, the Great Resignation and whatever we’re calling this next phase, SO much has changed. Bruce feels that many people have realized that there is life beyond work. We were forced to slow down, to stare into the abyss where nothing existed anymore and recalibrate our values. 

That recalibration has undoubtedly led to a welcome shift in the way we coexist. At this moment, it feels like mankind’s kindness index and sense of community is way up. We’re rooting for each others’ success. 

In that light, Bruce feels that now is the time to build a community. Ask for help, and give it freely. Mentor and be mentored. Answer the phone. Call each other back. Be a reliable second to your fellow man, encourage one another and stand strong in that coach’s corner.

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