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John Cass: Connecting with Artificial Intelligence and Agility

March 25, 2022

John Cass: Connecting with Artificial Intelligence and Agility

John Cass: Connecting with Artificial Intelligence and Agility

Artificial intelligence is already changing the way content moves around the world, but now it’s also behind a new wave of content generation. With the rise in AI content generation, brands and businesses have a tremendous opportunity to enhance their value and finally reach through the noise of advertising. 

However, new platforms, methods and technologies are not without their hurdles. How does a company know which AI program is going to generate the most valuable content for them? How do they even begin? What should they focus on first?

John Cass and the team at AIContentGen are here to solve that problem, and guide their clients in the right direction with a dexterity most marketers aren’t used to. By implementing agile marketing techniques, John Cass shows business owners and marketers how to adapt to the changing world, optimize their online presence and truly connect with customers.

Who Is John Cass?

John Cass has been part of the marketing universe for over twenty years, and is currently a co founder and Senior Analyst at AIContentGen. In pursuing his passion for the high-speed marketing industry, John spent several years as a content strategist before deciding he was ready to do more.

In 2009, John found himself immersed in an article about Web Trends and their adoption of agile marketing. The topic sparked a curiosity in John, who quickly set up an interview with one of the industry’s top leaders. He immediately jumped into the agile marketing community, with the Agile Marketing Manifesto guiding his every move. 

Spending time in a forward moving marketing environment, John recognized the massive undertaking and value that content writers shoulder in the profession. Not only are great writers hard to find, but they’re also often overburdened. Writers are tasked with researching their topic, presenting their intentions creatively, then producing compelling content with a quickness. Suddenly he was aware of a major need that needed fulfilling and a solution that could fill the space perfectly. 

As AI content generation began to take off, John decided to embrace the potential of artificial intelligence and help others do the same. He co founded AIContentGen, and began exploring different platforms for smarter content generation. He began to interpret the way different softwares worked, and the way they could help people and businesses work smarter, not harder.

Today, AIContentGen functions as a syndicated research firm, investigating AI content generation and arming entrepreneurs with the insight and knowledge they need to leverage the technology to better their brand. 

What Is Agile Marketing? 

In an interview with Pinchforth, John laid out the basics of agile marketing. It’s not so much a style of marketing as it is a set of processes, something marketers aren’t really used to. While there are countless styles, or “flavors'' of marketing, there is almost no hard-set order in which it gets done. Agile marketing pushes marketers to organize and refocus on the work they’re doing. 

Agile marketing helps leaders (and team members) recognize which tasks are critical, shifting collective efforts to execute on high value projects. In the end, marketing teams are more effective and get more accomplished. Not necessarily because they’re working faster, but because they’re actually focused on what’s important. 

More than anything, agile marketing is a customer-centered model. By closely examining and analyzing the customer journey, and truly understanding their needs, it’s easier to prioritize the tasks that are going to attract and build lasting relationships with loyal clientele.

Every style of marketing begins with good content (content is king, after all), and agile marketing is no exception. But with a marketing team that’s laser-focused on connecting with clients, and writers who are up to their eyeballs in word counts and SEO, content creation can get lost in the shuffle.

Adapting to AI Content Generation

This is where artificial intelligence comes in to lighten the load with clever content generation. Even though AI content generation has been around for years, recent demand for it has led to an elevation in the technology that powers it. 

AI content generation is smarter now than ever before. Programs can gather data from a number of sources, from website content to user activity and the infinite knowledge of the internet, and produce valuable written content, often in a matter of seconds.

While it might seem like technology such as this would render writers and content creators obsolete, that’s not at all the case. Yes, AI content generators can create sensible Tweets and captions derived from a blog post, but it does lack the personal touch, critical thinking and emotional appeal that writers bring to the table. AI content generation is more like a content creator’s robotic assistant, generating ideas that can be expanded upon and perfected.

As more and more tools emerge for AI content generation, it’s become harder for marketers to determine which ones are right for the brand they’re representing. As is the case with technology development, there are many different versions of the software, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Wading through each one is a tedious and arduous task, one that most professionals simply don’t have the time, patience or knowledge to do. 

John Cass and the team at AIContentGen can alleviate this burden. With countless hours of research dedicated to understanding the plethora of AI content generators available, John can help his clients determine which one is best suited for their needs. He then uses agile marketing principles to help them plan an effective content development strategy.

The Next Phase of Marketing

Each day, technology continues to change at a neck breaking rate and the channels and strategies of marketing are evolving with it. The marketing world is becoming more hectic by the minute, creating a need for better content and a more organized, intentional plan for putting it to work.

Even though the adaptation of AI content generation has been slow up until now, it’s picking up speed and John Cass is keeping pace. As business leaders and marketers begin to recognize their need for valuable content, AIContentGen is waiting at the starting block with the tools to create it and the agile strategies to make marketing magic happen. 

The next phase of digital marketing will undoubtedly be one built on artificial intelligence, both in collecting data and producing the content that perpetuates it. By learning how to harness the power of this technology in a methodical way, our craft can have a more powerful impact than we’d ever imagined.

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