Crystal Mathis: Building Marketing Schemes Post Pandemic

February 5, 2021

Crystal Mathis: Building Marketing Schemes Post Pandemic

Crystal Mathis: Building Marketing Schemes Post Pandemic

While there is a large focus and concern on helping businesses navigate and tailor their marketing during the pandemic and post-pandemic, it is essential to pay close attention to smaller companies who are just beginning to build their marketing structure

It is challenging enough to manage a marketing department with the recent changes in the economy and market; it can be more complicated when you’re still building a marketing department within an organization.

In this Rediscover Marketing post, our guest shared her experience in continuing to build a marketing department within a firm with no previous concrete marketing structure. She also explained how marketing leaders can employ the best marketing strategies to build a product marketing scheme in 2021.

Who is Crystal Mathis?

When you combine proficiency in communication, public relations, and business administration, you have nothing short of an exceptional marketing leader, and that is Crystal Mathis in a sentence. The head of Marketing at SignatureFD is an experienced marketer with over ten years of marketing and communication experience.

If you need to understand the place of effective communication in marketing and how to speak your audience's language to make a good conversion, you have just found the right post. Crystal Mathis did give an exposition, which we are glad to share with you today.

Building Marketing from The Scratch

As a marketing leader, whether you have had a wealth of experience in marketing or not, you should be aware that building a marketing department and team from scratch can be quite a challenge. Unlike in larger organizations where there is an existing system that you can readily make improvements on, here you must create systems, and you cannot afford to leave your innovative mind behind. 

Additionally, when doing this within small to medium-sized businesses, you must be cost-effective in every decision. Unfortunately, that is the situation the pandemic has left most firms – big or small.

Crystal had a much more unique challenge starting up in her organization. While they had a similitude of marketing at SignatureFD (nothing extensive), she emerged as the pioneer of extensive and actual marketing. However, she found herself working in an organization with three co-founders of different approaches, so she had to find a way to merge and create a whole concept and messaging platform that aligned with the true mission of the company, as all three co-founders originally intended.

With her experience and training, Crystal was able to pull off a remarkable feat, and she did this by leveraging on the following:

  • Teamwork

Working with every possible department and creating a healthy team for marketing can increase your chances of success as a marketing leader. Crystal noted that her firm was able to record a strong year due to collective team effort.

  • Diversity

Crystal found herself helping to drive diversity and inclusion. As the only black woman within a leadership position at the organization, she was able to merge her expertise in marketing, and her personal experiences, to drive diversity messages/initiatives that can mean real growth for the organization. 

Crystal noted the increase of women in leadership roles in her company and how this reflects diversity. You may want to employ some of these uncommon content marketing strategies to have an edge in marketing as a growing organization.

  • Quality Content

It is not unusual for a communication expert like Crystal to be a great believer in quality content and its impact on growth and marketing. She is very much persuaded that putting out the right content makes all the difference. Because of this, she makes it a point of duty to create content for the organization personally.

As Crystal has shared, content is beyond just putting up articles. With different media to explore, you could try videos, podcasts, blogs, newsletters, and every other platform you get to use to communicate ideas. 

Furthermore, you do not want to sound rigid and desperate with your content; rather than take the lead and close approach, you could create content that is open-ended and, first, aimed at creating value and addressing your industry-related issues. You can then leave the decision on whether or not to patronize your services to your consumers without making them feel manipulated or coerced into buying your products or services.

  • Data Review

It is essential to have a regular data review of your strategies and tactics to understand what is working. And, more importantly, what isn’t working. And, this data should be shared with your executive teams, so they understand how marketing is moving the needle.

In conclusion, Crystal noted that smaller or medium-sized companies must be effective with every bit of their budget. There are various free tools you can leverage today to produce significant results. You need to be familiar with every platform that offers cost-effective tools, including platforms for videos, design, and promotion.

We understand you may have one or two things to add to what our guest shared. You could even have access to free resources that might help other marketing personnel. Please feel free to share these and others in the comment section below.

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