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Alison Wisneski: Adopting the Strategy of Authenticity for a Successful Business

April 2, 2021

Alison Wisneski: Adopting the Strategy of Authenticity for a Successful Business

Alison Wisneski: Adopting the Strategy of Authenticity for a Successful Business

Now more than ever, people crave an environment where human elements matter - an organization that creates value and benefits for their followers. The more digital-inclined we become, the more we yearn for a genuine connection rather than just another product or service.

Our Rediscover Marketing post today features a dynamic content strategist; Alison Wisneski. She shared content marketing strategies for marketing and growth leaders looking to position their business for outstanding success in this New Year.

Meet Alison Wisneski 

Alison Wisneski currently manages strategic marketing at StickerGiant and Lady Justice Brewing Company. She has had past experiences working in social media direction, copy and content creation, storytelling, product marketing, brand management, graphic design, website design, influencer management, and product photography.

Alison is the Content Strategist for StickerGiant. She creates and delivers content strategies aligned with the brand identity for StickerGiant's customers and fans across channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit and more. 

She also manages a content calendar and meetings coordinated among the Marketing team to create a right mix of content and stay synced with more extensive campaigns.

Learning from Alison's Experience as a Content Strategist

According to Alison, showcasing the good side of a company through storytelling will ultimately attract loyal customers.

During the pandemic which had most employees working from home, she regularly showcased her company's employees to their clients. This marketing strategy indirectly communicated two important messages to their clients:

1. The company's availability to their clients whenever they reach out.

2. The faces behind the working scene.

Alison explains that the openness her organization displays endears the community to them and builds trust in the company's brand.

Despite the pandemic, StickerGiant recorded success due to the authentic connections the company had with its clients. She used her social content creation and email marketing roles to promote the company's product and share customer's stories authentically. 

Her team helped people's products stand out on shelves using this new strategy and the company - StickerGiant thrived.

Allison shared marketing strategies for growth leaders who desire to see their business thrive in the first quarter of 2021:

  • Authenticity

Growth leaders should be ethical and genuine in their approach to customers as this establishes people's trust in your brand. Authenticity is the most precious commodity of business owners and marketing departments.

  • Data Review

Marketing leaders should emphasize data review with their team. This enables you to conveniently track the company's Leads, engagements and clicks of sales. Alison noted that StickerGiant interviewed professionals for the data analysis roles in the company. 

StickerGiant's marketing is data-driven, and every member of the team is expected to have a line of data that is recorded and presented weekly and monthly. Using this data projection, growth leaders can track the weaknesses and strengths of their organization.

  • Storytelling

Growth leaders should be able to come up with flexible content strategies. Allison said she is more comfortable telling stories around people than the pre-planned contents she was used to. Stories that involve people are usually more and tend to remain evergreen.

In conclusion, Alison shared that in the first quarter of 2021, people will patronize brands that they trust more. Business owners should maintain authentic connections with their customers through storytelling. 

Have you tried the strategy of authenticity in your business? Please share the results with us below.

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