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Talking growth and

making connections

The Power of Partnerships
Hey, Partner! Podcast - Episode

The Power of Partnerships

Featuring Tara McLaughlin and Samantha G. Wolfe

About Episode:

In the pilot episode of Hey, Partner!, we sit down with two strategic, determined and downright awesome women to find out what it takes to find, nurture and make the most out of mutually beneficial business partnerships. They tell us how a smart business decision evolved into friendship, respect and serious success (with lots of laughs to go along with it all).

Marketing guru and strategic consultant,  Samantha De Wolfe is the founder of PitchFWD and knows what it takes to get emerging technologies off the ground with unmatched, highly intelligent branding and marketing strategies.

The unstoppable design wiz behind Paper Crane, Tara McLaughlin can revitalize any brand through expertly crafted graphic design and brilliant branding. She pairs her carefully founded visual strategies with market-leading website development and smart online business strategy to bring her art to life.

Tara and Sam are a dynamic duo, and powerhouse in the marketing space. They both know what it takes to launch and run a successful business, and have proven track records to show it.

With their web design and knowledge of the tech and marketing industries combined, they’re an invincible force in marketing emerging technologies. In this interview with PinchForth, these incredible women discuss what makes a powerful professional partnership, the value it brings to business growth and why branding and marketing really matter, even in the tech industry.


Luana Andrade

Luana grew up with the dream of becoming a computer engineer at Google, and certainly had the curiosity and skills to make it happen. Along the way, she discovered that she could make much more of an impact on the world by using her natural talent of connecting with others. Now, as the Head of Strategic Partnerships at Pinchforth, Luana is leading the charge toward building a network of like-minded, driven and successful marketing professionals. She believes firmly in the power of making friends and forming partnerships, and in her free time is fully dedicated to her dog, Darth Vader, and a love for Spongebob Squarepants.


Tara McLaughlin

Lead Designer and Co-founder of Paper Crane Web & Graphic Design

Samantha G. Wolfe

Founder of PitchFWD, NYU Adjunct Professor and Strategic Consultant focused on Metaverse, VR, AR & Emerging Tech Marketing

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