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Talking growth and

making connections

The High Speed Evolution of Networking
Hey, Partner! Podcast - Episode

The High Speed Evolution of Networking

Featuring Bill Morrow of Empirical Consulting Solutions

About Episode:

In this episode of Hey, Partner!, Bill Morrow and Luana discuss the way networking has evolved before our very eyes, the undeniable power it wields over success and why it’s crucial to genuinely trust and care about your network connectors. Bill is the master of growing mid-market companies, delivering valuable strategic planning with a BANG. When the internet took over communication as we knew it in the late nineties, Bill watched the science of sales transform before his eyes, introducing the business realm to the “world of relationships” and giving him irreplaceable insight into how to navigate that world with a purpose.


Luana Andrade

Luana grew up with the dream of becoming a computer engineer at Google, and certainly had the curiosity and skills to make it happen. Along the way, she discovered that she could make much more of an impact on the world by using her natural talent of connecting with others. Now, as the Head of Strategic Partnerships at Pinchforth, Luana is leading the charge toward building a network of like-minded, driven and successful marketing professionals. She believes firmly in the power of making friends and forming partnerships, and in her free time is fully dedicated to her dog, Darth Vader, and a love for Spongebob Squarepants.


Bill Morrow

Bill Morrow is a managing partner at Empirical Consulting Solutions, where crushes his role as a growth consultant and strategic planner for mid-market companies. He has more than twenty years of cross-functional senior leadership experience in various industries, and extensive expertise in the integration of Operations, HR, Finance, Marketing, and Sales.

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