Kinjal Shah: Software, Digital Marketing, And Adapting To The Unpredictable

February 15, 2022

Kinjal Shah: Software, Digital Marketing, And Adapting To The Unpredictable

Kinjal Shah: Software, Digital Marketing, And Adapting To The Unpredictable


There can be no denying that there have been incredible advances made through technological adoption. In the business space, this adoption of various types of software, applications, and an overall digital overview has set the forefront for how businesses will operate globally. Kinjal Shah spoke about this in her Pinchforth interview, whilst highlighting not just the importance of digital advertising from a software background. But she also commented on the adaptability that working in such an industry gave her and the team at GlobalMavin LLC a lot of room to move, especially in the wake of a global pandemic. Nobody could’ve seen it coming. But Kinjal recognized that being able to adapt in the wake of such changes is what helps all business leaders in the marketing space to thrive.

Let’s meet Kinjal Shah!

Kinjal Shah serves as both the founding director and co-founder of GlobalMavin, an Embedded and Software Services firm. GlobalMavin offers innovative and all in one stop solutions in fields of Industrial Application, Medical, Telecommunications, Defense and Space Research Organization. It comprises of Skillful Professionals who excel in Artificial Intelligence, IoT, PCB Design Services, Robotics, Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence and R&D services. GlobalMavin has successfully executed more than two hundred projects, and this is the result of their primary focus of meeting user expectations through focused and close interactions at the customer level.

Kinjal Shah stated how they believe in “Customer First” policy and endeavor to provide their customers with innovative and intelligent solutions and convert their ideas into reality, into a product. The aim of GlobalMavin is to provide services to its clients that make it easier for them to execute and optimize more efficiently at the technology level at which they presently operate. This can range from a complete product development to a particular software application development.

GlobalMavin during the Pandemic

It’s very easy to go around and say that 2020 was a challenging year. There is truth to that sentiment. But, challenges are what define us, and from a business perspective, they often determine whether we develop or stagnate as a company. In Kinjal Shah’s case, communication and empathy played a major role in GlobalMavin’s ability to adapt to unexpected circumstances brought on by the pandemic.


Kinjal was very candid about GlobalMavin team’s communication strategy and the benefits it delivered. The Covid-19 epidemic led several team members to restructure personal family difficulties as well as reschedule areas of their personal life in response to changes in their work schedules/demands. Despite how tough this proved to be, she and her team were able to preserve a sense of order within the company's operating capabilities. Due to the unforeseen nature of the pandemic and the lockdown constraints that arose from it, having this amount of flexibility allowed Kinjal and the GlobalMavin team to properly meet deadlines, complete tasks and create a deeper profound level of empathy within the function of their teamwork.

Kinjal Shah’s Advice for Marketing And Growth Leaders

When it comes to what marketing and growth leaders can do to improve the quality of their work Kinjal believes that digital and automation are what will determine the operational progression of businesses on a global scale. The subject of automation is without a doubt an intriguing matter. On the one hand, it does reduce a great deal of time and labor costs. As a result of this advancement, it not only becomes far more time-efficient for a business, it also reduces a lot of the hassle associated with arduous labor tasks. The same can be said for digital, which just like automation, can grant a greater level of ease for people working within a business.


GlobalMavin specializes in providing its clients with automation services that work well with the analytical tools at their disposal. Having these tools can simplify a business’s ability to optimize even further. As the business world continues to become more digitally integrated, digital events and marketing plays an important role in the company’s marketing strategy through the integration of digital platforms, keywords, social media, and digital content as part of SEO marketing integration and increasing reach with the customers. Kinjal Shah understands that with the increase in social media use and going digital, it is necessary to access these quantitative and qualitative data, analyze and approach the right target customers.


Kinjal Shah’s Views On Traditional Advertising Platforms

The debate on whether traditional media platforms still have a place in advertising versus the ongoing growth of the digital approach isn’t an easy matter to resolve. It could be argued that because digital advertising is growing so much, that it’s making those old methods less effective. However, Kinjal Shah doesn’t have the certitude given that the debate has more silver linings than it is usually given.


In her Pinchforth Interview, Kinjal stated that because there are many advertising platforms in the field, then the question of situation and circumstance becomes more apparent. The same goes for the type of customer being targeted, which can actually work to direct the argument more towards digital. The offline forms of advertising such as billboards are certainly getting less effective. They still work, but in a limited capacity, and this ranges often from the specificity of the product combined with the physical limitations imposed, which may fail in reaching the specific customer. When comparing it to the efficiency provided by social media, then the fact that it is also too expensive really hits home.

How Much Data Should Be Given To Advertisers

In the field of marketing, data has always been a grey area of discussion. This grey area centers around the amount of data that advertisers are given versus the risks associated with having unlimited access to it. Kinjal Shah believes that there is a silver lining in this matter. Because data is shared, then businesses are certainly able to benefit by understanding the type of customer and needs associated. Now, because the risk of data being mishandled is very much possible, then it falls under the responsibility of the advertisers to handle it with the approval of the customer. With customer approval, the amount of data being shared can be beneficial to the advertisers and the customer in the sense that it allows for a better relationship between the two parties to be established. Privacy is important and respecting its relevance in relation to a customer only benefits the company in the long run in terms of more business and greater customer outreach. Word of mouth can go a long way in the business world. 

Final Recommendations

One of the benefits of marketing a business is that it can be an incredible learning experience. As insane as the unpredictability of the Covid-19 pandemic proved to be for so many businesses, it allowed leaders like Kinjal Shah to grow and adapt. Kinjal’s recommendation for successful leaders is that they approach planning efforts by moving forward with social media marketing. This SEO-Focused approach and customer-centric marketing gives marketing leaders a greater opportunity to better reach their customers.


Kinjal also recommends that any changes made within a marketing strategy are done in accordance with data that works to favor the customer. With data utilization expanding in corporate marketing plans, it may be quite beneficial for business leaders to not only better understand their customers’ wants, but also enable them to adopt a more flexible approach towards their marketing strategies in order to improve customer relationships In the end, whether you're the founder of a firm like GlobalMavin or the VP of a marketing team, failing to connect with your team at every level and failing to communicate clearly will prevent them from adapting, resulting in stagnation. This is all the more important in an age where software and technologies are only increasing a business's potential to improve the quality of its services and the way it sells them to a specific customer base.

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