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Pierre Janssen: Breaking Through the Noise with Visual Communication

April 1, 2022

Pierre Janssen: Breaking Through the Noise with Visual Communication

Pierre Janssen: Breaking Through the Noise with Visual Communication

Digital media platforms and marketing mediums are bursting at the seams. Advertisements appear with every click and scroll, resulting in users becoming desensitized or unaffected by them altogether. 

But not all is lost. It’s still possible for a business or brand to break through and reach eager consumers through all of the noise. When it comes to making a statement in the congested sphere of digital marketing, a great brand needs a clear message and top-notch content that is brought to life by relevant visual exposition. 

Pierre Janssen’s Journey with LUSHmedia 

Pierre Janssen moved to New York to pursue a career in advertising and subsequently founded LUSHmedia about 20+ years ago. For several years, he scaled the outskirts of the runway, helping businesses and brands in the fashion industry promote their companies and grow with stunning visual communication and advertising services. 

After a few years, Pierre realized he was limiting LUSHmedia’s potential by focusing only on the fashion industry, and moved the studio to downtown Manhattan where he expanded his services to clients in the luxury lifestyle space. This expansion into new markets created many exciting, new opportunities.  

When the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe in early 2020, LUSHmedia had to make a few adjustments, just as the rest of us did. These days, they are a close-knit team that collaborates from their respective Brooklyn offices, working together remotely as well as in-person. 

Along with this shift, LUSHmedia now works with a wider variety of clients than they had pre-pandemic. Despite an established, and rather impressive, collection of international clients, LUSHmedia has actually acquired more accounts based in the US than ever before. With that influx, Pierre and his team have gotten the chance to immerse themselves in learning about new industries, products and services.

What has not changed for Pierre and LUSHmedia is their impeccable eye for visual excellence and an unshakably optimistic outlook. With the recent emphasis on compelling visual communication in the digital space, their work is more important now than ever before. 

Today, LUSHmedia is focused on helping their clients elevate visual communication and connect consumers through clear and concise messaging.

Visual Communication  in Crowded Media Platforms

Pierre, like many of us, witnessed the transition from print to online media. He recalls the skepticism and hesitation that surrounded that adaptation and compares it to what we’re experiencing now with the projection of AI into marketing platforms.

The vast majority of advertising today is done online. Essentially every business advertises in an online capacity, whether it’s through search ad campaigns or social media positioning.

In an interview with Pinchforth, Pierre discussed the fact that most online platforms have simply become oversaturated. Because so much of our current advertising is done online, marketers are trying to capitalize on it but are failing to communicate to their customers in the process.

The majority of platforms over-advertise and as a result, diminish their ratio of valuable content. They do so to answer to stakeholders seeking greater profits and as a result, channels lose their personal touch and unique flavor. When a media platform loses its spark, users inevitably move away. They travel from one platform to the next in a nomadic fashion, looking for meaningful content.

This is where Pierre and the team at LUSHmedia come in. Just because there’s an overabundance of advertising online, doesn’t mean none of it is worthwhile. But if you’re going to get noticed, you need the right stuff.

Getting Personal to Get it Right

The right stuff in our day and age requires ironclad branding, a crystal clear message and irresistible visual representation. A brand’s visual communication determines what consumers think of your brand, your product or your messaging – all in a single glance. 

With this in mind, Pierre reflects on the crucial value of specificity in marketing and messaging. Specificity is key and it’s critical not to skimp on the details, whether it’s in defining your message or establishing realistic, customer-centric goals. 

At the end of the day, the consumer (and their opinion) is what really matters and what drives the world of advertising. Effective marketing always comes down to really understanding your customer and communicating on a deeply personal basis. Too often these days, with so many channels, things sometimes become too broad. Narrow it down. Focus on your customer, be specific and pay attention to the details. 

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