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What type of internal management does your team need?

It’s best when we report into an internal marketing leader. Marketers who can help us shape messaging, and quickly approve tests our team executes help us produce the best results for our partners.

What type of information do you report on?

We use an unbelievable visualization product called DataBox to stream relevant program data to our partners. It varies by organization - we do the setup ourselves.

What term commitment do you recommend?

We don’t recommend a term commitment. Consulting work like ours needs to be flexible so your business can iterate as quickly as we do. Everything is month to month.

How big is your team?

There are 34 members of the PinchForth team around the world, and 19 contractors we work with regularly.

How long does it take to get a return on investment?

Every program we design aims at <90 day profitability. That means total revenue produced from the program is greater than our cost + advertising cost.

How often do you check in with clients?

Early on in a program we’ll communicate multiple times per day - usually via email. As we progress we recommend quick weekly checkins to report on status, learnings and new tests.

Do you work on Business to Business programs?

Yes, half of our current programs are currently B2B. However, most teams aren’t equipped to handle the lead volume we produce. We recommend 2+ BDR’s to support these programs.

Do we get a dedicated account manager?

Each program has a dedicated point of contact, but you’ll likely be in touch with many team members over the course of your engagement. There are 5-6 team members involved in each program we operate.

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